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What a cute way to display your favorite pictures! Here’s the easy-peasy tutorial to transfer your photos to wood!

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  • Gel medium
  • Picture
  • Wood
  • Bowl of water
  • Rag
  • Mod Podge

First cover your entire slab of wood with gel medium, and then place your picture face down on the wood.

Smooth out all the bubbles, and let dry overnight.

Take your rag and wet it in your bowl of water, and then gently wet the surface. Start to gently rub the wetted paper off.

Clean off all the paper residue and cover the picture with Mod Podge.

Let it dry.

Now you have one of the most creative ways to display your pictures.



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Photo by buzzfeed.com and http://mariejanelle.wordpress.com/


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  1. Brenda C says:

    What is the “gel medium” used for this project?

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