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Exercising with a partner is one of the best things you can do to maintain a workout program. Living in an apartment may be a great opportunity to do this if you can find someone in the building who has similar health/exercise ideas and goals. If you see someone heading out for a daily run, why not ask if they want some company next time? Or, if you prefer, you can ask someone you have been getting to know if they would like to take a walk on a nice day. Posting a notice on an apartment board is also a great way to see if there is any interest.

Keep an eye out for things in the neighborhood that might be fun to do with a partner. Are there tennis courts nearby? What about a basketball court? If there are enough people interested in the building you live in, why not start a weekly pickup game? If you aren’t finding someone around that wants to exercise, team up with someone from work, a friend or a family member and head out.

If you live close to a park, you can pair up for some Frisbee, or just throw a ball around for the afternoon. Exercise doesn’t have to be drudgery. Partnering up can be a terrific way to make it fun and encourage you to do more of it!

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