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Founded in 1682, Philadelphia is one of the most important cities in American history. The City of Brotherly love is also known as the birthplace of America and features ton of historical sites scattered across the city. You can walk to streets and hallways of our founding fathers and discover a renewed appreciate of our nation today. Whether you’re here for the cheesesteaks or the history, Philly is a great place to explore what makes America so unique.

Philadelphia’s Historic District has so much to offer, but we’ve rounded up some must-see historical sites that really embody the birth of American democracy.

Ring in history at the Liberty Bell:

Although this iconic bell no longer makes a sound, it’s become an iconic piece of American history. It was cast in London and sent to it’s new home Independence Hall, at the time known as the Pennsylvania State House in 1753. Now you can visit The Liberty Bell Center, to get a glimpse of this 2,080 pound antique.

Visit America’s birthplace, Independence Hall:

Take a guided tour and learn more about where the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution were created. View the Assembly Room, which is arranged as it was during the Constitutional Convention and check out the original inkstand used to sign both documents. Independence Hall played a crucial part in the birth of America as we known it.

Learn about our original flag at Betsey Ross House:

Walk through the tiny rooms and winding staircases of the residence Betsy Ross rented while establishing herself as an upholsterer. Explore her shop, the parlor when she received the Flag Committee and the bedroom where she constructed the first flag. She also made musket cartridges for the Continental Army in the basement. The Betsy Ross House is the only site in the country that interprets a working 18th-century upholstery shop!

Explore the The President’s House:

This 24-hour open-air site explores paradoxes or slavery and freedom at the nation’s first executive mansion where both George Washington and John Adams lived during their terms. This outline of the first executive mansion serves to commemorate the lives of the nine enslaved Africans served our first presidents. At The President’s House, you can view archeological fragments that were found in 2007 and partake in silent reflection.

Check out Ben Franklin’s grave at the Christ Church Cemetery:

Inside the gates of this historic church are the graves of many historical leaders, including signers of the Declaration of Independence and Benjamin Franklin and his wife. Others buried here include John Dunlap who printed the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, various medical pioneers and artists. Be sure to leave a penny at Franklin’s grave to get some good luck at the Christ Church Burial Ground.

Philadelphia offers locals and visitors a rare mix of old and new that is unlike any other city in the US. Experience America’s history first hand as you stroll through Pennsylvania streets.

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