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Just because you live in an apartment, it doesn’t mean you can’t do any entertaining. While it may require some creativity, it can be done well and with style. Entertaining guests in a small space can be made easier by including some of the following ideas:

  • Rather than having a large party, have smaller groups over and entertain more often. Smaller spaces may be a little harder to do when it comes to hosting a party or dinner, but they are also inherently more intimate.
  • Think ahead when getting furniture for a small apartment if you like to entertain. Invest in pieces that can be moved around easily so that you can vary the configuration if needed to accommodate guests. Renting tables and linens is another option if needed.
  • Keep an eye out for attractive folding chairs that can be easily stashed away. They can give you additional seating with a minimum of storage issues.
  • Adjust the idea to what you have available. Rather than trying to figure out how to get ten people seated at a formal dinner when you only have room for six, have a cocktail party and use little tables for snacks and treats.
  • Remember the temperature. If it is winter and you are entertaining guests in a smaller space, lower the thermostat a few degrees; it can heat up quickly. By the same token, summer may require running the air conditioner until you are a little cold before guests arrive to ensure they stay cool after the place is packed.
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