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With the shiny lights and glam you may be led to believe that Las Vegas is only for the rich and famous rolling in the big bucks. I got news for you! Being a high-roller is not required to enjoy these Vegas perks. Here are ways to save money on entertainment, dining, and more in Las Vegas. So without further ado, let’s dig in!

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Get a Rewards Card

Gambling or not, you can still receive the benefits of having a rewards card. Such reward cards are offered by many of Las Vegas Casino’s loyalty programs including the MLife card brought to you by MGM, MyBoardingPass by Station Casinos, and Total Rewards through Caesars Entertainment.

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Rewards vary from casino to casino and change all the time. But many of rewards given have included free buffets, rooms, and gifts to name a few.

Local Discounts

Ahh…a breath of fresh savings. This is what it feels like when you get exclusive discounts for just being a local. Show your Nevada driver’s license and you can find yourself getting free access to buffets, shows, and discounted annual passes to state parks.

Free Shows and Entertainment

Take advantage of the many free entertainment options throughout Las Vegas. You can find many on the strip from Bellagio’s Fountains to Treasure Island’s Pirate Show. And off the strip you can checkout free live shows on Fremont Street or soak up the seasons at Mount Charleston and Lake Mead.

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Quick Money Saving Tips To Remember:

If you’re planning to spend a day on the strip be sure to get your Starbucks coffee and any other necessary items off the strip when possible as prices on the boulevard are bound to be inflated.

Weekends and holidays are going to be the most expensive so book everything in advance.

On the strip, most casinos now charge for parking (even for locals) so if you’re down to walk a bit you can park in the very few spots that are not yet charging.

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For more discounts on entertainment and dining, don’t forget to checkout Groupon.

And the number one money saving tip in Las Vegas goes to “Not Gambling”. You would think it’s the complete opposite but would have to say you’re better off putting your money elsewhere.

Moving to Las Vegas

More and more people are moving to this city each year and you may ask why? Beside all of the countless number of unique restaurants and entertainment options, Las Vegas living is quite affordable. And although rent prices may seem to be on the rise I can assure you there’s a place to call home with your name on it. It may even come with a move-in special. Search our user-friendly apartment locator to choose your next home.



There is nothing better than saving money while still having fun. So whether you’re hitting the town for an off the chart show or enjoying a tasty dining experience, these tips will help you save money on entertainment and dining in Las Vegas. Those who stretch their dollar and save in Vegas are the real winners.

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