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Whether you have a few friends crashing at your new apartment or relatives spending the weekend, making sure they’re comfortable and have a nice stay is important. If you want to be the hostess with the mostess the next time you have house guests, here are a few things you need to do.

Open The Windows

Becoming noseblind to your home isn’t just a gimmick created by Febreze, chances are you aren’t noticing all of smells exclusive to your home. So crack open a window and let the fresh air flow right before your guests show up.

Spice Up The Snacks

While Doritos might be your guilty pleasure, they don’t exactly exude class. Splurge on an artisan spread of fine cheeses, savory nuts, and decadent sweets that will impress your guests taste buds.

Prep Your Bathroom

If there’s anything you do before house guests come over, clean your bathroom! Refill your hand soap, put out a fresh hand towel, provide extra toilet paper, and hide the bulk of your personal products.

Double Up On Water

Not everyone’s crazy about tap water and the last thing you want is for your guests to be fumbling around for a glass of water in the middle of the night. Stock up on bottled water and leave a few in their sleeping quarters.

Make Some Space

Clear out a few drawers in your guestroom so your guests aren’t stuck living out of their suitcases. If you can’t afford to spare that kind of space, a plastic storage bin, or collapsible containers are a quick alternative.

Layout the Linens

Make sure the sheets have been recently washed, double up on the pillows, and dress the bed in your fluffiest comforter. Don’t be afraid to do it up with a throw blanket and decorative pillows.

Stock Your Bar

A great hostess always has plenty of booze, make sure you have red and white wine, a good beer, and at least one bottle of hard alcohol for cocktails.

The Final Touches

Wow your guests with a few final touches that will really transform their stay from friendly to fabulous. A notecard with the wifi password, fresh flowers, and lit candles are all lovely touches.

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