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Most of the time, you need to wait to see which two teams will face off against each other in the Big Game before you can start planning your party decorations. In the past, if you wanted to plan your party’s color scheme early, you needed to cross your fingers and hope the oddsmakers in Vegas were right. With these neutral party decorations, you could start planning your party in the off-season and still be sure the décor is on point for the biggest game of the year.

I took my color inspiration from the game itself. No matter where the game is being played or which teams are playing, the field will be green, the lines will be white, and the football will be brown. Why shouldn’t the colors that are the backdrop of the game show up in the backdrop of your party? I found some green party streamers at the dollar store and made a simple backdrop for the food table by hanging and twisting streamers to cover a 5-foot by 7-foot area behind the table.

When you buy the food for the party, make sure you tell the bagger to give you paper, not plastic. Then you can make your own quick “Concessions” pennant banner by cutting triangles out of that brown bag. Tape them to a length of twine, and add on any football-related phrase that you would like.

I made a big football stamp out of craft foam and cardboard, and stamped a kraft paper runner to top my food table. You can find rolls of brown kraft paper in the office supply aisle of the dollar store. Now when your guests slop dip onto the table during an exciting part of the game, you don’t have to stress about stains. Just crumple the paper up at the end of the night and toss it in the garbage.

Don’t overload the table with too much décor. Encourage guests to bring a snack to share and your food table will be full before you know it. If you are looking for a new recipe to try, check out these football-friendly finger foods!

Arrange the table around a simple centerpiece. I used large green mason jars to hold paper straws, which I turned into the handles of paper bag pennants.

Brown paper lunch bags, also from the dollar store, can be rolled down to form bowls for chips and other snack foods. You may not even have to wash dishes at the end of the party!

Whether you are a fan of football, funny commercials or tasty snack food, the Big Game is a great opportunity for a party. Pick up these basic items and you can throw an amazing party, no matter who is on the field.

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I’m Jessica Hill, the slightly-unbalanced blogger of Mad in Crafts. I used to spend my days teaching Shakespeare and Longfellow to high school students, trying desperately to make the classics modern for my students… or at least to keep them awake for the 45 minute class period. Now, I teach readers how to combine classic style with modern trends in decorating, DIY, cooking, writing, and more! And hopefully you stay awake in the meantime! Visit Mad in Crafts


  1. Hello ,
    Could you please post how you did the backdrop ? I’m struggling with it ! Thank you
    • Hi Jessica! To create the backdrop, you will need to purchase crepe streamers- any color of your choice.
      Then tape the top of a streamer to your wall, at where your highest point would be.
      Next up, start twisting the streamer from the top down, until you get to the bottom of the streamer. (Remember how many twists you do – you will have to repeat this for the next couple streamers you decide to “hang.”)
      Tape the bottom of the twisted streamer.
      Then repeat, repeat, repeat.

      Hope this helps!

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