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Living in an apartment can change the way you celebrate holidays a bit. Depending on the building you live it, Halloween might not involve “trick-or-treaters” coming to your door, and having the entire family over for Thanksgiving could prove to be a little bit difficult. Still, preparing for those holidays you choose to host at the apartment can go a long way toward making them a success.

For holidays involving large dinners, try to pick up items ahead of time so that grocery shopping doesn’t become a nightmare at the last minute. If you don’t have a car and need to get a turkey or a lot of food, see if a friend or family member might be able to give you a lift. Doing things “pot luck” style can also be a good idea as it cuts down on the overall workload if everyone brings a dish.

If you celebrate Christmas, consider going with a fake tree or even decorating a plant. Both are less work than trying to set up a live tree in an apartment, and less of a fire hazard. Simple decorations that can be stored easily without taking up much space are a good idea for any holiday. You can also opt for only decorating your door. Holiday guide tips such as these can help keep things simple.

If you are traveling out of town to celebrate the holidays, letting your landlord know you won’t be around can be a good idea if you’ll be gone for any length of time. You may want to tell a trusted neighbor as well, or have a friend check in on the place a few times while you are away.

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