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After all these years of deadlines and all-nighters, you finally made it to the finish line. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but you’re just not quite there yet! Once we finally get to our final year, we tend to get a case of the senioritis, but we just can’t stop yet. Keep your head in the game and don’t drop your GPA. There’s a few things you need to do before you walk across that stage. Here’s a few tips that will help you prepare for your college graduation!

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Meet with your academic advisor: Before you assume that everything is in check, you will need to schedule an appointment to meet with your academic advisor. They will review all of the materials that are required to start and complete the graduation process. This may include a graduation application, transcript approval, exit surveys and more.

Apply for graduation: After you get the green light from your academic advisor, you will be able to apply for graduation. After this you will need to order your academic regalia. It is absolutely mandatory that you purchase your cap and gown if you plan on walking on the stage. Don’t worry though, it doesn’t have to look so boring. Be creative and get crafty with your graduation cap! Decorate and personalize it however you’d like (to an extent).

Perfect your resume: If you already have a resume, now is the time to review and adjust! Many schools provide career services that help you prepare for your career post graduation. This includes advice on how to improve your resume or start your first one! Creating a clear, informative and creative resume is extremely important because this represents who you are before you meet the interviewer face-to-face. This is your chance stand out against your candidate competition and capture the attention of a potential employer! “First impressions are lasting impressions”.

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Career research: Your senior year is the time to start exploring what you really want to do and what types of jobs are out in the market. Don’t feel like you have to find your forever job, even though that would be nice. This early exploration gives you the time to the right job for you after graduation, whether that is a entry-level or temporary position at a company.  Tip: Create a LinkedIn account now and start looking on websites like Indeed for all of the career options in the market!

Stay connected with classmates: Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy your last year in college and stay connected with friends. Maintaining connections after college is extremely important, especially when looking for a job. After graduation, everyone goes their separate ways and the more people you keep in touch with, the better. The easiest way to do this, is using your usual social media platforms. Make sure to continuing liking and commenting!

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