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Disorganization can cause students to receive lower grades on assignments or completely forget about an exam! If you want to stay organized this semester, try out these helpful tips:

Date your notes. Writing the date of the lecture/class on your notes can help you keep everything in chronological order. Additionally, the date on the notes can help you differentiate between what was taught each day so you don’t get the concepts confused.

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Utilize a planner. Writing down due dates for assignments in a planner can help you not forget about them! Plus, seeing what is due each week can help you prioritize what you should work on first. Additionally, using different colored pens/highlighters for each class can help you further organize your planner. Brightly colored sticky notes are also a great alternative to pens and can be thrown out once an assignment or class is complete.

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Ask questions. If you are confused about an assignment, do not hesitate to ask your professor! Office hours are the perfect time to talk to your professor about an assignment. If you can’t make office hours, try sending an email instead!

Create time to study. Time and time again, professors will talk about how important it is to study a little each day – and they’re not wrong! Reviewing your notes after class can help you retain the information better, but also help you be prepared and organized for future assignments.

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Remember, organization takes time and practice! Do not get frustrated if you forget to write a due date down or miss an assignment. Instead, learn from your mistake and keep working!  

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