About Athena Rodrigues:

Hi! My name is Athena, formerly the social media content intern at ForRent.com. I have lived in Norfolk, Virginia all of my life and I am currently a senior at Old Dominion University. I am majoring in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations. I love going out with my friends and spending time at the Outer Banks! I’m excited to be a senior this year and graduate in May 2018!



    Creating the Perfect Class Schedule

    One of the most stressful things a college student has to deal with every semester is deciding what classes to take. Credits, time, length, professors, and many other factors play a huge role in this decision-making process. Outside of school, there are jobs, families, and other responsibilities around which students have to plan. Before finalizing […]

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    What to Consider Before Living Off Campus

    As unbelievably amazing as dorm life can be, many students will start to look for a place to live off campus by their junior or senior year. Living off campus is great for those who wish to become more independent and take the first step in their future careers. If you are unsure if you […]

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    Resolving College Roommate Issues

    Part of the college experience is learning how to share a tiny space with another person, AKA a roommate. These cramped quarters can sometimes cause friction between people, but that’s okay! It’s normal for problems to arise; but instead of fighting or arguing, resolve your roommate issues quickly with these tips! Make boundaries and respect […]

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    How to Avoid Getting Sick This Semester

    From runny noses to coughing and sneezing, many students are at risk of getting sick during the winter season. Missing out on classes, projects, or other assignments that are important can affect grades and participation. Protect yourself from the flu this semester with these tips and tricks. Get enough sleep. College students are known to […]

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    7 Things To Do During College Winter Break

    With the semester coming to a close, many students may be wondering what to do with all the extra time they will have. Avoid boredom by trying out these seven different things students can do over a long break: Catch up on the TV shows you missed. Since you spent most of your semester studying […]

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    Planning the Perfect College Friendsgiving

    Whether you are going home for Thanksgiving break or staying in your apartment or dorm, having a Friendsgiving with your roommates and close friends is a great way to celebrate the beginning of the holiday season. Planning a dinner may seem like a lot of work, but don’t worry! With these four tips, you and […]

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    Taking Advantage of Your School’s Library

    One of the best things about college is the many resources available to students on campus. Many schools offer free tutoring programs, mentoring, counseling, and so on. But one of the biggest and most underrated resources available to students in the library. A college’s library is home to thousands of books, both paper and digital, […]

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    Staying Organized: Tips for College Students

    Disorganization can cause students to receive lower grades on assignments or completely forget about an exam! If you want to stay organized this semester, try out these helpful tips: Date your notes. Writing the date of the lecture/class on your notes can help you keep everything in chronological order. Additionally, the date on the notes […]

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  • Monthly Rental Calculator

    How much should I spend on rent? Don't worry, we've got you covered! This rental calculator will help you determine how much rent you can afford based on your annual income.

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