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Have that perfect picture that should be framed and sold as posters?  Or the moment caught that needs a little caption?  PinWords is a site made just for putting words to those precious moments captured.  It couldn’t be easier to use!


1.  Go to the site.

2.  Upload your photo.

3.  Choose the placement.

4.  Choose the font.

5.  Type the words.

6.  Save it or pin it!

It’s that easy.  We even have some examples that us ForRenters have made!


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Sydney is working for For Rent Media Solutions as an intern in Social Media Marketing. In this role, she assists in executing and optimizing social media strategic plans across several different channels. Among these channels are blogging, social networking, promoting brand awareness on video sharing sites, and other conversational media. She spends a great deal of time finding ways to generate awareness of For Rent Media Solutions brand.
Sydney graduates from Virginia Tech in December, 2012 with a Bachelor's degree in Communication. She looks forward to getting out into the real world and working on her career.
She also loves the color green, the beach, and country music.

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