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It’s important to make smart choices and change habits to save money. In Part 1 of “12 Tips on Saving Money”, we introduced six tips, from repurposing your wardrobe to clipping coupons to help you save some dough! For Rent University presents you with six more ways to save money:

#7: Use Grocery Store Bags instead of Garbage Bags: A pack of garbage bags can cost you around $10! Re-use grocery bags to line your trash cans instead – they are the perfect size! And although you have to toss them out more often, you won’t be dragging around 20 pounds of trash.

#8: Pay Bills on Time: This is more of a precaution. Late fees can add up, and there’s no point of going backwards. With a student’s busy schedule, be sure to set reminders on your phone or jot down due dates on your calendar.

#9: Avoid ATM Withdrawal Fees: Do you really want to spend an extra $2-4 every time you take cash out? Try using your bank’s ATM or use the ones at Wawa, Inc® gas stations to avoid those fees.

#10: Use a Water Filter Instead: Companies like BRITA® and PŪR® offer pitchers and faucet mounts that filter your water. We used BRITA® in our apartment to refill reusable water bottles, and it worked like a charm!

#11: Shop at the Dollar Store: Running low on dish detergent or need extra cups for your party this weekend? Check the dollar store for items that will fit the bill and help you save a few dollars.  The dollar store also has greeting cards or other house-hold items that can help you save.

#12: Stay In Instead of Going Out: My roommates and I would invite friends over and we’d play video games, watch a DVD movie, and cook a batch of Japanese Curry and rice for everyone. It’s a great time and we only spent money on dinner. If you want to save even more, ask your friends to bring their own dish and make it a potluck! When you do go out (because we all like to once in awhile), try to do it before 6pm. Movies and restaurants offer lower prices – plus there is less of a wait.

If you found this article helpful, let us know by leaving us a message below! Be sure to check out related topics on how to become a better budgeter, learn 6 ways to save money, and get some great ideas on simple ways to save money to help you pay for the other college “necessities” like textbooks, pizza, and soda!

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