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Saving money seems impossible when you’re in school, with the housing, food, and entertainment expenses, but it can be done! For Rent University has compiled a list of tips on how you can save money on a budget.

#1: Walk or Bike to Class: Not only do you save money on gas – you get great exercise at the same time. If the distance is too far, take advantage of carpooling or find out if your college offers free public transportation.

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#2: Use Cash Instead of Card: Watching money physically leaving your hands will make you think twice about purchasing those $60 jeans. Are they worth it?

#3: Learn to Mix & Match Clothing:  Speaking of jeans, instead of buying a new wardrobe, learn to mix and match pieces to create unique outfits. For inspiration ideas on repurposing your current wardrobe, follow Aubrey at Putting Me Together, and AskMen for tips on mixing up men’s clothing.

#4: Load up on Laundry: Coins for machines can add up in addition to buying detergent and softener. If you are able to, save your laundry for when you go home on the weekends. Drop those coins straight into the piggy bank, instead. Also, use the recommended amount of detergent and softener, not just a full cup– clothes will still be just as clean and save you money on replacing the items.

#5: Clip Coupons: Purchase your Sunday newspaper (remember, they don’t have coupons on weeks with holidays) and start clipping! Check your grocery store for double coupon days – these are days when grocers will double a coupon’s value up to $1-2. This means your 50 cent coupon will be worth $1!

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#6: Change Your Grocery Shopping Habits: In addition to using coupons, plan your grocery trip ahead of time. Plan your meals for the week and make a grocery list based on your market’s weekly circular/flyer. Buy generic brands, they can be just as good as the brand versions, swap meat for veggies and buy in bulk. Don’t forget to prepare items over the weekend and keep them in Tupperware (or recycle your pasta jars); you’ll waste less, have more time to study and more money in the bank!

Did you think these tips were helpful? Share your thoughts or your proven tips below. Be sure to come back for Part 2 – coming soon!


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