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In apartment living, often times roommates will have to share bathrooms. Sometimes, disagreements can erupt from sharing a common space. Space can be limited, and sharing only one shower and sink space can get crowded. Use these guidelines to make sharing a space easier and less stressful.


Plan your shower times. Although roommates that share a bathroom often agree on the times that they all will shower, sometimes they do not follow through. Make sure that the people you share the bathroom with are aware and considerate of your schedule. Also make sure that you are aware of their schedule.  Try to remain consistent with showering times, and this will minimize room for arguments.



Keep items outside of the bathroom. While showering products can easily be kept in the shower, too many styling and makeup products can crowd bathroom surfaces. If your bathroom is small, try keeping your hair and makeup products in your bedroom to maximize bathroom space. This will also eliminate the mistake of your products getting mixed up with your roommates.

Take turns cleaning. Roommates often have differentiating levels of cleanliness they are comfortable with. Keep in mind the habits of others, but let them know yours as well. Come to an agreement about cleaning tasks that can be done by all of the people sharing a bathroom.


Maintain bathroom products. Toilet paper, paper towels, soap and tissues are all things that need to be refilled in a timely manner. Some roommates opt to keep all of these products separate, and only buy what they need, while others all contribute equally and keep an ongoing stockpile of bathroom goods. Whatever works for your apartment, agreement is also key in maintenance of products.


The key to sharing a bathroom harmoniously is communication. Agreeing on tasks and responsibilities among roommates sharing a bathroom will assist in keeping the bathroom clean and organized. Practice and patience are also key in sharing living spaces, but with these tips a peaceful shared bathroom is within reach.


Pictures by: shino, coolcat., and arielmeow  on flickr.com



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