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If you live in an uber-competitive rental market or just want your renter’s application to stand out from the pack, you may want to create a renter’s resume. If you thought resumes were only used to apply for jobs, think again. A renter’s resume is intended to help you market yourself as an ideal resident. Follow these tips to make your own renter’s resume shine.

The Basics

To start, you’ll want your renter’s resume to look like a traditional one. Consider using the renter’s templates in Word to make the document. Check out a sample renter’s resume courtesy of the University of San Francisco.

On your resume, you’ll want to include the following:

  • Contact information
  • Previous residences
  • A list of personal references or previous landlords
  • Income and current employer
  • Job title and current location
  • Name, weight and breeds of any pets
  • Credit score


Previous Residences

Be sure to include the dates when you lived at your last home and how much your rent was. You’ll also want to mention why you left.

For example:

Fairy Ridge Apartments
January 2012-January 2015
Rent: $560
Why I left: To find a bigger apartment

If you have them, it can be helpful to include before and after shots of your former property to show that it either stayed the same or improved when you lived there, suggests Bruce Ailion, an Atlanta-based property manager.

Consider an Objective Statement

Once you’ve got the basics out of the way, make your renter’s resume your own. You may want to include an objective statement that discusses who you are, what you’re searching for (a one-bedroom apartment) and how much you’re willing to shell out each month for housing and utilities. You also can consider including the number of children you have or if you’re planning on living with a roommate. If you’re a student, it’s important to note that too.

Be Honest

“You’re essentially marketing yourself as someone who isn’t going to cause problems,” says Ailion. But if you don’t have a spotless background, don’t worry. You’ll want to sell your resume as “here’s why you should have me as a renter even though I might not be an ideal candidate,” suggests Ailion.

Let’s say you have bad credit or a few evictions in your history. Disclose that up front. For instance, if your credit score is low because you co-signed with a friend who didn’t pay rent, mention that.

Ailion discussed how one apartment shopper he worked with ended up losing her job after an extended absence following an injury and was evicted. When she was applying for housing, her record came up as tarnished, but she explained her situation up front and found a rental property.


Feel free to note on your resume if you garden, says Ailion. He prefers renters that garden since they tend to leave the property in better shape. Write whatever you feel comfortable sharing. Consider it an added bonus if it might make you a more desirable renter. Happy apartment hunting!

For more helpful renter’s tips — like how to find a great apartment or ways to make moving easier check out For Rent Tips.

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