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As the end of the college semester nears, the thought of moving out of an apartment can be a complete nightmare. Boxes ripping, dishes breaking, and security deposits not coming through can all add to the insanity of moving out. Below, find tips on security deposits, cleaning responsibilities, and other aspects of moving to help make the process easier for you, so you’ll only have to think about finishing school for the year!

  • Don’t want to spend money on bubble wrap? Pack your breakables (like dishes) in clothing. That way you are protecting fragile items while still packing the clothes!
  • Buy a box of clear plastic sandwich bags. They are ideal for moving out of an apartment when you have to take pesky things such as curtain rods or furniture apart and have small items to store.
  • Stop! Before you unplug those electronics, take a photo of how everything is wired so that when you move into your new place, you will remember how to set it up.
  • If you do decide to hire movers, make sure you do your research! Sometimes there are details in fine print that will cause you to have to pay extra.
  • Many people forget about changing their address when they move. This can be a pain when it comes to checks, bills, etc. Change your address at least two weeks before moving out of an apartment.
  • Before you move out, take photos of your cleaned out apartment. This is key to getting your security deposit back. This is the proof you need if a landlord tries to charge you for unwarranted fees.

For more advice and tips on moving out of an apartment, and all facets of college living, visit ForRentUniversity.com!

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