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Half of first marriages in the U.S. end in divorce[9], and money is the number one reason.[10] Coupon and discounts only go so far, so to face more money (and possibly your marriage) consider getting a little creative.


Have Your Wedding Sponsored[3]

  • A wedding costs $20,000 on average. Why not get creative to save cash?
  • Back in 2006, Dave Kerpen and Carrie Fisher wanted to have a big wedding but didn’t have the cash.
    • After a little work, they raised $100,000 from 25 sponsors.
  • Another bride auctioned off a bridesmaid spot in her wedding on eBay. [4]
    • The Dr. Pepper Snapple Group bought the spot for $5,700.


Paint Your Roof with Reflective Paint[2]

  • Over 16% of electricity consumed each year is due to air conditioning.
  • You can save up to 20% off your AC bill each month. [1]
  • Some states offer rebates or incentives for painting your roof with reflective paint.
  • This reduces your house’s cooling demand by 10% to 15% during the hottest months of the year.[2]


Tightly Pack your Freezer[6]

  • Refrigerators can consume as much as 20% of all energy in a house.
  • Making sure your freezer is full can save you some money.
  • Another tip is to keep water bottles in the freezer when it isn’t full of food. [7]
  • This reduces the temperature in the icebox so it doesn’t kick on the cooling device as often.


Lower the Thermostat During the Winter[8]

  • For each degree you lower, you’ll save 3% off of your heating bill.
  • For warmth, put pans of water on various heat elements.
    • This adds moisture to the air for dry skin and keeps the rooms warm for less.


Displace the Water in Your Toilet Tank[5]

  • Grab a plastic bottle and fill it with sand or water.
    • Place it in your toilet tank.
    • Each time you flush, you’ll save a gallon to half gallon of water.
    • The average house stands to save 10 gallons a day.
    • A family of 4 would save $90 a year, or 16 gallons a day using this method.


Train Your Cat to use the Toilet[1]

  • Toilet training kits for felines cost from $20 to $30.
  • Cat litter can cost, on average, $110 a year.
    • That’s a total of $1,650 if your cat lives to be 15 years old.
  • Unfortunately, you can take a cat to water but you can’t make it flush.

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