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After spending years in your hometown, you’re finally ready for a change. You’ve packed all your things and you’re ready to hit the road. Now there is only one question that remains: Where do you go from here? After scouring the Internet in search for the perfect state, you find exactly where you want to go: Georgia. Narrowing down the city possibilites, Savannah and Pooler survive the cut. Which one should you choose? The answer is simple: it just depends on what your heart desires. By researching both cities, you will see that Savannah and Pooler are perfect examples of both sides of the spectrum.


Savannah, GA


Are you in love with the city? Love to walk around downtown and view various attractions that are available to you? Are you in love with long walks on the beach? If you answered “yes”  to any of these questions, then Savannah is the city for you! Known for its immaculate architecture, ironwork, and fountains, Savannah possesses an elegant vibe. Aside from their eye-catching artwork, the residents are usually very friendly and are firm believers in southern hospitality. When it comes to employment, Savannah is flourishing at a very steady pace. According to huduser.org, employment growth is continuing at a solid pace, averaging 2.2 percent annually.1  By renting an apartment downtown, you could enjoy the many festivities that the city has to offer. However, be sure to search around before making your final decision, since the prices of downtown apartments are higher than others. Apartments in the suburbs are somewhat pricey as well. Aside from the price range, rental concessions are common and some include 1 month of free rent on 12- or 13- month leases and security deposits or application fees.2 These discounts make it more affordable for you, allowing you to decide which apartment complex fits your budget. If you live downtown, also known as the Historic District,  your need for a vehicle is minimal. There is public transportation provided for you to use at your disposal or you could walk to work, your favorite restaurant, or to run a few errands. As an added bonus, Savannah is very close to the beach and the apartments contain some renter favorites, such as washer and dryer hookups, patios, and high speed internet. You can search apartments in Savannah for your choice of amenities, price, and location.


Pooler, GA


If you are an individual who is more of an introvert and appreciates the value of “peace and quiet,” then Pooler may be a better choice. Unlike Savannah, Pooler possesses more of a suburban/rural feel to it rather than urban, but don’t count it out just yet! It has plenty of festivities to partake in, as well as many different historic attractions to consider viewing, such as the Mighty 8 Air Force Museum. Just like Savannah, southern hospitality also runs deep within the culture of the people who reside there. When searching for an apartment in Pooler, remember to carefully search around for the price range that fits your budget. Although the area consists of mostly rural areas, some apartments tend to be a bit pricey, but usually it’s reasonable and affordable. Having a vehicle in Pooler would be very helpful, especially if you live in the more rural parts. Since the town is so “quiet,” it would be the ideal place to raise a family. If you have children, there are many apartment communities available with playgrounds in gated communities. For more information on the amenities, price, and location, you can search for apartments in Pooler.


Whichever city you decide to choose, ForRent.com will be there for you every step of the way, assisting you with your decision as to which city provides optimum accommodation for your needs – and most of your desires!


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