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When you are searching for an apartment for rent, what are some key things on your ‘list’? Bet you definitely look for the following five apartment amenities while you’re searching.

1.      Pool. This is obviously going to be a perk that everyone desires. Just imagine the long, hot summer days when you get to hop into your apartment community pool for relaxation.

2.      Exercise Facilities– State of the art fitness centers with spa facilities and personal trainers are highly desirable. Just think of all the time & money saved from going to the gym!

3.      Washer/Dryer and newer appliances. Who wants to carry around clothes to laundry facilities? No one. Having a washer/dryer inside the unit is highly desired. As is having newer appliances in the kitchen, as that is one of the main rooms prospective renters are attracted to.

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4.      Security Features-Having a security system inside the apartment is a terrific feature and so is a gated community. Prospective renters will really feel safe and comfortable.

5.      Pet Friendly Apartment/community. As we’ve mentioned in a recent blog, ForRent.com Wants to Help You find A Pet-Friendly Apartment, we understand that your pet is a part of your family; therefore, finding an apartment and community that is pet-friendly ranks high on your list.  And depending on the family, an extremely pet-friendly community (one that goes above and beyond for pets) will really be set a part in your mind.

On ForRent.com, when you go to do a search for apartments for rent in your area we highlight popular amenities right on the search results page (see screenshot). As you can see, just from the search results page, you are able to see if an apartment is pet-friendly, in a great location (close to the beach), has a washer/dryer included or has utilities paid for (which is also a highly desirable amenity).

But we want to hear from you! If you aren’t looking for the amenities mentioned above in your apartment search process, let us know what you are looking for!

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  1. Property Investment Ahmedabad says:

    Now a days, people want all amenities in their apartment. they want to live in luxurious apartment with comfort facilities. Thanks for sharing this post.

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