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3 Simple Ideas for Gaining Storage FB

Renting often means living in smaller spaces.  And many times smaller spaces bring with them a lack of storage.  But just because there isn’t dedicated storage in an apartment or house, doesn’t mean that you can’t find space for all of your things.  As a matter of fact, extra storage might be simpler to find than you think.  Today I’m going to share three simple ideas to gain storage space – and all of them involve using dressers in unexpected ways.  Check them out.

3 Simple Ideas for Gaining Extra Storage

I bet when I mention the word dresser, your thoughts go immediately to clothing storage.  But dressers are good for so much more than merely storing clothing.  Not only that, but dressers don’t need to be bedroom furniture.  By using dressers for items other than clothing, or in other areas of your home, you’ll gain needed storage, and your décor will gain a unique flair.

3 Simple Ideas for Gaining Extra Storage

Here a dresser is used as a media console.  The drawers are the perfect size to hold DVDs and Blu-rays.  Smaller drawers in the center of the dresser behind the door are perfect for holding Wii games and remotes.  Larger gaming remotes and accessories are stored in the other bank of drawers.

3 Simple Ideas for Gaining Extra Storage

Try using dressers as nightstands.  Sure, they’re still in the bedroom, but that doesn’t mean they need to store clothes.  Try storing extra bedding, or possibly use them to store reading materials.  Regardless of what you store in them, you’ve gained a ton of storage space that might otherwise have gone to waste.

Use dressers in your home office.  Dressers make great alternatives to filing cabinets.  Drawers can be retrofit to use for files.  But that’s not all.  You can store office supplies, craft supplies, wrapping paper or anything else you need for a well-organized office in dressers.

When it comes to furniture, dressers are truly versatile pieces that can really help you gain extra storage in your space.  Where do you need a little bit more room in your house?  Will a dresser do the trick?  Try it out and you may be pleasantly surprised.  Comment and share how you have created extra storage space in your apartment!

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