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Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and if you’re lucky enough to be hosting a dinner for family and friends, your apartment is going to need just a bit of preparation. There’s no need to start sprinkling your building’s hallways with faux fall leaves (besides, your neighbors will hate that) — there are plenty of ways to bring memorable Thanksgiving charm into your cozy apartment, thanks to creative Hometalk bloggers.

A Warm, Welcoming Wreath

First impressions are very important when you’re trying to wow guests on Thanksgiving Day. Make sure your visitors feel the Thanksgiving magic the moment they knock on your door with a sparkling wreath of mixed metallic leaves.

A Killer Color Scheme

Thanksgiving Host 02
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Project via Jennifer at The Chronicles of Home

Instead of the traditional ultra-warm reds and oranges, create a dynamic new Thanksgiving look with bright hues and jewel-toned details. Even a small dining area will pop if you pack it full of the fresh, vibrant colors using fabrics, plants and even fruits and vegetables.

A Thankfulness Tree

Take advantage of the smaller size of your dinner party by having guests join in! Get them involved in the decorating by inviting them to add their wishes and grateful messages to a thankfulness tree. Having a sweet show of gratitude like this on display will help everyone get into the spirit of the holiday.

Some Mood Lighting

Set up an air of intimacy by lighting candles (or using fake tea lights) on open surfaces all around your living space. You can make your lighting a little more interesting by creating luminaries like this sweet coastal fall display. Add a row to your coffee table and make sure to include some mood lighting in your centerpiece.

Glittering Place Cards

Thanksgiving Host 05
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Project via Jessie Jane at Lilyshop

Create a flock of tiny, twinkling turkeys for your guests to enjoy as they take their seats. If you’re going for an informal vibe, leave off the names and simply use the paper turkeys as a sweet place topper. They’re easy to make and they’re a sweet souvenir for your guests to save from the evening.

A Rustic Tablerunner

Even though we all know Thanksgiving dinner is best served on a large wooden table in a roasty dining room, your apartment can be a perfect substitute. Just turn a stretch of drop cloth into a rustic runner to give your modern apartment a touch of cottage glam. No matter where you are, a neutral-toned drop cloth will turn it into a cabin.

Tons of Natural Elements Indoors

Even if your windows don’t look out over a yard full of colorful fall leaves, you can fill your home with fall flavor by including as many natural elements as possible. Line surfaces with acorns, fill vases with pine cones and display all the pumpkins, leafy branches and other bits of greenery you can collect.

More Floor Space

Whether you’re eating buffet style or in a formal sit-down manner, clearing up floor space is a must when hosting an event. Push couches and smaller coffee tables to the sides of the room so guests can mingle and relax in a more open space. Learn more serving and entertaining tricks on ForRent.com.

Easy Toilet Paper Storage

Thanksgiving Host 09
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Project via Lura at Domesticability

If you’re having many guests over, the first rule is to make sure everyone has what they need or can very easily find it, and that includes toiletries. Keep toilet paper, soap and clean towels stored in plain sight in your restroom to ensure none of your guests’ celebrations are cut short by an embarrassing or uncomfortable moment of panic.

For more great Thanksgiving ideas, check out the Thanksgiving page on Hometalk!

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