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Whether you are moving across town or cross-country, moving costs add up. You will need to plan for moving expenses, from renting a truck to paying for gas. Before you make your move, read our guide to the moving costs you don’t need.

DON’T Pack Everything You Own

One of the easiest ways to save money during a move is not to move so much stuff. Before you starting packing, do a thorough inventory of your belongings to determine what you really want to move and what you might be able to get rid of.

You can even offset some of your moving expenses by selling your gently used items. Have a garage sale or use an app to sell the things you do not want to move. Then donate whatever you are not able to sell to a thrift store.

DON’T Assume Moving Yourself is Cheaper Than Hiring Professionals

When you are trying to cut moving costs, it seems like DIYing everything is the way to go. But do your research before you make that decision. After you factor in renting a truck, gas, and feeding any friends that help you carry boxes… it might actually be cheaper, and faster, to hire your move out to those who do it for a living.

DON’T Pay Full Price for Professional Movers

If you choose to hire professional movers, there are still ways to save a little money. If you have any flexibility with your move’s timing, you can save a little cash. Movers are usually less busy on weekdays than on weekends, and may be willing to negotiate a lower fee for weekday moves. Similarly, most people move during the summer months. If you can make your move during the “off-season,” rates may be lower.

DON’T Move During Rush Hour

Whether you are hiring out your move or renting a truck, it is wise not to hit the road right at rush hour. Moving trucks are notorious gas-guzzlers, and that fact is only made worse by stop-and-go traffic. Lower your fuel costs by avoiding traffic, if possible.

DON’T Pay for Boxes

The boxes you can buy from moving companies are wonderful but pricey. Before your move, ask friends if they have any boxes lying around. Most people are glad to get empty boxes out of their homes. You can also check with liquor stores or office supply stores for empty boxes they would be willing to give you free. There are also plenty of cost effective alternatives to using boxes. Finally, you can post an ad on Craigslist or Freecycle looking for empty boxes. It is always free to ask!

DON’T Pay for Packing Materials

Most people do not have too many belongings that actually need to be wrapped in bubble wrap. You can save money by wrapping your breakables in things you already own. Bedding, towels, and clothes all work well to protest dishes, glasses, and other breakable items during your move.

DON’T Pay for Utilities You Won’t Use

Once you know your move date, it is time to think about having your utilities shut off. If the company does not prorate your bill, consider having non-essential utilities like cable shut off at the end of the month before your move.

DON’T Lose your Receipts

Whether you hire out your move or rent your own truck, save those receipts. Some moving costs may be tax-deductible come April 15 and every little bit helps!

Hopefully these tips and tricks will help you save a bit of cash in your move. Also, if you are a pet parent, you’ll find this list of pet moving necessities helpful. Have a safe move and congratulations on your new apartment!

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