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Rugs and runners are an excellent way to add beauty to a home, help you cut down on dirt or spills that would damage your carpet, and brighten up otherwise plain areas. But when it comes to finding the right one for your new apartment, don’t pick at random.

Here’s what you need to know for choosing a runner or rug that fulfills your needs at the right price —and how to make them last.

A Rugs & Runners Buyer’s Guide

What’s a Good Price?

Rugs can range anywhere from $30 to $150 when they’re high quality, while runners are $20 to $120. You get what you pay for and don’t want to buy products that are below this price point, as they may fall apart easily and look ghastly.

However, you may find they also exceed their top price, ranging into several hundred dollars. This depends on how old the rug is, as vintage ones are more expensive, and how high quality their fibers are, which make them durable but soft.

Throwaway or Keep-Forever?

If you’re in the market for a rug or runner to keep forever, then it’s fair to spend $150 or more for durability. However, if you move often, don’t have the money for a pricy rug, or only want to cut down on dirt with no desire for aesthetic value, then throwaway rugs are easy to find at nearly at general or hardware store for around $10.

Where to Place Them

Entrance Ways

Runners are best for entrance ways, as they fit tight spaces, are often thicker so as to gather up the most dirt, and are easy to clean. When you have pets, children, or several guests bringing in mud and grime from their shoes, the entrance runner will absorb this filth and keep it away from the rest of your home. As an added bonus, they also help to guide your guests in the right direction, should you have a large home.

Half Under Beds

Square rugs are especially great for bedrooms, where they can be placed in the center of the room and often half under a bed. This makes the room seem bigger and more colorful, rather than drawing the eye to cluttered items.

The Center of Living Rooms

Round rugs serve as excellent centerpieces, placed under a coffee table or in the center of an otherwise sparsely decorated living room. It adds color to the space and makes it seem larger, which will make your simplistic styling choices seem pleasing rather than empty.

Under the Dining Table

Like an entrance runner, placing a square rug underneath your kitchen table helps to catch any spills from dinner time, making it easy to clean later. Also, it can add color to your dining area and make a plain space seem larger. Match it with the right Seasonal Tablescape and the entire room will be improved.

Time for Clean-Up – How to Wash Them

Vacuum Both Sides —Twice

While you can clean rugs the same way you do carpeting, many owners forget that rugs require a little something extra. Go over it once with the vacuum, and then flip it over to clean the bottom. Once you’ve finished this, flip it over and vacuum the top a second time. Since rugs absorb more dirt than typical carpet, due to their stronger fibers, dirt will often hide underneath and then come out on top after you vacuum the bottom.

Carpet Shampooers

Once a year, or more often if you’d like, rent a carpet shampooer and completely scrub your rugs as well as carpets. This removes any spills or stains that may have built up over time, makes them look more pristine, and ensures they’re thoroughly free of any bacteria or lingering dirt from vacuuming.

Heavy-Duty Washing Machines

If you’d prefer not to rent a carpet shampooer, or your rug sees harder days than the rest of your carpet, then it’s time to involve a washing machine. Runners are often small and thin, allowing them to fit in your normal machine —so long as they’re put in solo, as they’re very thick and may damage softer materials. However, if your rug is rather large and won’t fit in the machine, you can take them to professional cleaners or laundry mats with larger washers.

Good Ol’ Soap and Elbow Grease

When all else fails, hard work will give you a solution. Get a bucket of soap and water, a brush with extremely hard bristles, and get down to scrubbing. Make sure to place several towels underneath or move it to hardwood floors in order to keep your carpet dry. Begin scrubbing at one end and work your way to the other. Once you’ve finished, let it dry and then begin on the bottom. Like with vacuuming, then flip it over and scrub the top again.

Choosing the right rug or runner, and keeping it clean is an easy way to add style and function to your space. Follow some of these easy tips and tricks for a stylish apartment.

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