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With the winter months upon us, cranking up the heat may seem like the obvious option to keep warm. Homes around the United States are losing money each winter through their high cost heating and water bills. Using these energy saving techniques, you will save money each month and keep your home better insulated.

  • Set your thermostat for as low as comfortably possible.

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  • Replace air filters as needed.
  • Keep window blinds and curtains closed during the night to keep from feeling cold from windows. Open them during the day to let the sun warmth in.
  • Caulk around windows or doors. Anywhere that air leaks out can cause drafts and poor air retention.
  • Taking shorter, less hot showers will save on your water heating bill.
  • Purchase a space heater and humidifier. Space heaters will warm an especially cold area, and humidifiers add water to dry air. Humid air feels warmer.
  • Keep furniture away from vents. The furniture will absorb heat from the vents and it will take longer to heat your home.

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  • Buy a water-saving shower head. Less powerful streams save water and still generate enough power to have an enjoyable shower.

Just these few changes around your home will have you saving money each month.


Pictures by: midnightcomm and AMagill.

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  1. Mobile Home Repair says:
    Good sound advice, thank you.
  2. Renters of apartment homes will find these tips very useful during the winter season. It will help them save energy and cost of their monthly rental. So, their bills won’t pile up during the cold months!
  3. Carrollleona says:
    Nice blog and these small things save our electricity bills and these tips will be applied from the coming next winters by me.

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