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Pets may be a man’s best friend, but they are not always a landlord’s best friend. As you choose a rental for you and your pet, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Be clear about the rental property’s pet policies before signing your lease, and maintain the rental so that you are eligible to receive any deposit refunds when you move out.

Pets welcome?

Before moving into an apartment with your pet, be sure you fully understand the rules and restrictions your landlord has regarding pets. Many landlords have weight limitations on the size of the pets allowed; others have regulations regarding which types of pets are allowed. When you have determined that your pet does not break any tenancy rules for your apartment, you can discuss any applicable fees with your landlord.

Pet rent vs deposit

Most rental units that allow pets still require an additional fee to keep a pet in your home. Sometimes that fee is a deposit that is paid when you move in, and which can be returned to you when you move out. Getting the whole deposit back will require you to keep your rental in good condition, much like a security deposit.

Other rentals may have a “pet rent” which is not refundable. This is an additional monthly fee on top of your monthly rent that allows you to keep a pet in your home. Be sure you know which type of fee your landlord requires before you sign a lease.

Getting your pet deposit back

If your landlord offers to refund your pet deposit when you move out, you will need to take good care of your rental and repair any damage done by your pet. There are few tips you can follow to help you get that deposit back.

During your tenancy, be sure to clean up any messes your pet may make promptly. Letting messes sit increases the change of permanent damage. If you stay on top of the cleaning, you will have less to do when it is time to move out.

It is also important that your pet gets enough exercise. Not only is this good for your pet (and you!), but it lowers the risk that your pet will act out and damage your rental unit. An unexercised dog left home alone is much more likely to dig, scratch, and chew than an exercised dog.

Air fresheners are your friend. Animals have odors, no matter how well you clean up after them. Making use of air fresheners and carpet fresheners can keep your rental smelling as clean as it looks.

If your rental has carpet, consider renting a steam cleaner from a local grocery or home improvement store and cleaning the carpet before you move out. Even if there are no visible stains, the carpet cleaner can remove any pet smells that might linger when you move out.

If your pet has done any damage to walls, doors, or baseboards, you may need to do some paint touch-ups. It is best to check with your landlord before painting, however, as he may have restrictions as to the type of paint you use.

Finally, after all, your belongings are moved out of the rental, do a walk-through WITH your landlord. That way you can both agree on what damage exists and what does not. Make sure there is a written list of any remaining damage so that there is no question about how much of your pet deposit you can get back.

Above all, try to be a good tenant and a responsible pet owner. If you do, you should be able to ensure that you get your pet deposit back when you move out of your rental property. With pet ownership comes some unfortunately raunchy smells, here’s how to get rid of these bad odors from your new place and live happily with your furry friend.

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