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 “Top 5 Kitchen Essentials You Can’t Live Without”

Have you ever noticed that when you have people over, everyone tends to gather in the kitchen? In fact, the heart of most people’s home is their kitchen. With that being said, you want to make sure that your kitchen is fully stocked with kitchen tools that will make it fully functional. So what is it exactly that no kitchen should be without? Below I will provide you with a list of the top 5 tools that I believe every kitchen should have.

#1 Can Opener

 Just about everyone kitchen is full of canned goods, and you will need and quick and easy way to get these open. The two types of can openers are electric and hand crank. I prefer electric; however they may be a little pricy. Checkout a local thrift store or even a yard sale or two to find a good deal!

#2 Pots and Pans

I like to think, your food is only as good as the kitchen accessories that you use to cook it with. This is really an area that you will want to invest your money in. You want a pan that is highly efficient, and that is directly related to how well your food will come out. Non-stick pans are great because they are so easy to clean!

#3 A Good Knife

 Just like pots and pans are important tools in the kitchen, so are knives. There are so many knives on the market but great knives will fit well in your hand and will retain their sharpness for a long period of time.

#4 Crock Pot

I think most kitchens today contain a slow crock pot and if you are like me you use it all the time. Crock pots make life in the kitchen so much easier. I love putting food in my crock pot first thing in the morning and then having dinner ready for me at the end of a busy day.

#5 Baking Dish

A 9×13 pan is perhaps the most standard casserole and sheet pan size. You can convert almost any basic cake or cupcake recipe into a 9×13 size with no adjustments. You may also use this dish to bake a casserole or even a few chicken breasts. You can go with glass or aluminum; I use both in my kitchen but probably reach for the metal pan more often. I also enjoy making roasts with this dish too!


Is anybody hungry?  All this talk about cooking makes me want to run off to my kitchen and start cooking! If you have any ideas to add, join in the comments.  I’d love to hear what items you find to be the most essential in you kitchen!

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