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So you’ve gotten the final word from corporate and they are transferring you. Or you’re fresh from college and landed your dream job. Either way, it is time for you to make the move across country –what does your new city have to offer? Which are the best neighborhoods to live in and which ones should you avoid?

Here we’ve broken down the top 10 U.S. cities that are best for millennials, so you can be sure your new crash pad has everything you need.  

  1.     Downtown – Phoenix, Arizona

The city of Phoenix and its surrounding communities are the hottest new happening place for millennials. With many of Hollywood’s elite now building their million dollar mansions in Phoenix, for its warm winter weather and easy fly or drive back to Los Angeles or Hollywood, Phoenix is the new get-away location, especially its downtown neighborhood! It’s famous for its large collection of niche shops and hip art galleries to make sure you’re never wanting for entertainment.

However, you don’t need to be a movie star millionaire to live in Phoenix; there are many affordable communities and urban villages with secluded neighborhoods such as Tempe, Chandler, and Ahwatukee –all within close proximity to major league game stadiums as well as the some of the best shopping centers in the country.


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  1.     Financial District New York City, New York

Go ahead and take a big bite from the Big Apple. New York City has it all. With fantastic neighborhoods fit for all walks of life from millennials to the elderly. New York City has multiple smaller cities within one large city. Starting with Battery Park, which is well known for its outstanding parks and schools, this little hamlet is a must see.

Then there is Chelsea, with its family-friendly atmosphere and close proximity to great food along easy to navigate streets. Depending on your career, or individual work journey, the New York City’s Financial District Neighborhood gives you constant access to the city’s hub as well as access to nearly every subway line and stop through Fulton Station. A mix of both convenience as well as safe home atmosphere, New York’s Financial District neighborhood is the hot new happening spot for millennials.

  1.     LoDo and Washington Park – Denver, Colorado

With the beauty of the mountains, the perfect year-around climate conditions, and nearby snow adventures, Denver is where it’s at for all new millennials.  With Washington Park’s impressive 165 acres of outdoor space, this is one of Denver’s most outstanding neighborhoods.

There is also Lower Downtown Denver, known by locals as LoDo. Filled with older buildings remodeled into chic happening lofts with historical culture and style, the LoDo is filled with quaint shops and quality real estate along the Platte River. With breathtaking mountain views, Denver neighborhoods have all you could ask for, plus a close proximity to outdoor adventures and the city’s business center.


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  1.     Union Station, River North – Denver, Colorado

So, why do we mention Denver twice? Because the surrounding neighborhoods of the Rocky Mountain City are so outstanding for young millennials, it deserves to be mentioned twice.

The neighborhood of Union Station is one of the most impressive neighborhoods. With quality apartment living as well as its close relation to popular shopping areas, the finest restaurants, and an impressive Street pedestrian mall, Union Station is a quality neighborhood close to greater metro-Denver.

In addition, we have to mention Denver’s sister neighborhood of River North. It has quality warehouses that have been turned into trendy luxury condos with plenty of room for any millennial. Its fashionable Tennyson Street neighborhood and Baker Street are trending neighborhoods that are the most happening spots in the country.

  1.     Foxburg and Ligonier Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Just because you have to work in the city with all its hustle and bustle that doesn’t mean you need to live there too. Starting with the beautiful and tranquil neighborhood of Foxburg, located less than two hours from downtown Pittsburgh and home to just over 200, Foxburg has many happening nightspots and upscale shopping centers. Yet it also gives that small town feeling.

Then there is Ligonier. Only an hour from downtown Pittsburgh, Ligonier is filled with eclectic shops, neighborhood pubs, and restaurants as well as quality schools. It’s a picturesque town filled with outdoor activities, small town groceries, and quaint shops. Close enough to the big city to satisfy any millennial, yet quiet enough to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

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  1.     Uptown – Dallas, Texas

Known for generations as oil country, Dallas is a hopping city with economic opportunities for every millennial. Living in the hub of this city is an exciting adventure, but also an expensive one for most millennial budgets. Be sure to shop around in these close communities to Dallas in order to discover the hidden treasures just beyond the border of Dallas proper.

The bedroom community to Dallas, known as Uptown, is located just immediately north of downtown Dallas. This fashionable neighborhood is the hub of young professionals searching for the urban lifestyle and often the best place to search for rental properties. Loaded with bars, cafes, boutiques, and chic shops, Uptown is affordable, quaint, and close to the city center of the big city.

Nearby Preston Hollow is located just North of Dallas with easy travel access to the city. This historic neighborhood gives millennials that home-town feel with the quick access to all the amenities of the big city.

Richardson is a popular neighborhood for millennials with growing families due to its excellent schools and high marks for easy commute to the city of Dallas.

  1.     Henderson – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is the hub for entertainment and excitement. However, if you are working in the city, you might not want to be living there too. For millennials who are searching for the best rental properties as well as the easiest commuting distance, Las Vegas has many outlying communities that are sure to fit your fancy as well as your easy commuting needs. Searching for the smaller town’s trendiest bars, quaint shops, the most comfortable restaurants, and remain a bit outside of the big city? The neighborhood of Summerlin with its Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area may just be the ticket.

In addition, the town of Henderson is a jewel in the desert crown of Nevada as it’s close to Las Vegas for an easy commute yet also the perfect neighborhood for raising a family. Rated as the second safest city in America by Forbes Magazine, Henderson is a beautiful oasis in the desert with tree-lined streets, popular local pubs, and quality schools for the children.

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  1.     Back Bay – Boston, Massachusetts

A move to Boston means snow, fall colors, and delightfully comfortable summers. A dream move and adventure for any millennial, but to avoid the traffic of the big city of Boston, check out the nearby community of Back Bay. With happening nightlife and upscale chic shopping centers, Black Bay is a close community within an easy commute.

In addition, the historic neighborhood of Beacon Hill is a must see place before putting down your deposits anywhere else. It gives the rich feeling of history as well as all the needed amenities for shopping, neighborhood pubs, and great restaurants.

  1. Neighborhoods-Boston
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    Woodland Heights – Richmond, Virginia

Finding the dream job in Richmond and then landing the dream home in one of Richmond’s sister neighborhoods could not possibly be higher on the bucket list. Close to the city of Richmond is the bedroom community of Woodland Heights. A short drive across the historic James River and only five minutes from the heart of downtown, Richmond is the small town dating back to the early 1900s called Woodland Heights.

This energetic community that is both urban and suburban with its rich historic feel as well as its new millennial feel. With hot happening nightclubs, quality restaurants, quaint pubs, and chic shopping centers, Woodland Heights has both the feel of the old diverse architecture beautifully mixed with the newest and most advanced amenities.



  1.   Downtown – Charleston, South Carolina

Historically home to the first shots of the civil war, Charleston is rich with American history. With world-class restaurants, compelling history, and fabulous beaches, it’s the place to be. However, living in the middle of this historical city can also be expensive as well as a bit too loud. Downtown encompasses seventeen square miles of the Charleston peninsula and is close enough for an easy commute as well as allowing for reasonable rents and chic millennial dining and shopping.

The interesting neighborhood of South of Broad lies on the tip of the peninsula and is filled with elegant mansions and fine gardens dating back to the civil war.


Check out all these historic and wonderful cities as well as their sister neighborhoods to make the most of your life’s adventure.

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