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If you’re a renter and a dog owner, chances are good that you struggle to bathe your dogs easily in your apartment. In the summer, you may have access to an outdoor space with a hose, but in the winter, there’s not much you can do short of putting your pup in the shower and climbing in with him. At least that’s what I used to do in all the homes I’ve rented with my dogs over the years. And let’s face it, showering with your dog is awkward for both parties involved!

I recently found a temporary, rental-friendly solution that’s not only affordable but easy to install yourself — without compromising your security deposit. Here’s how I converted my shower so it can do double duty as a pet bathing station.

I found an inexpensive shower conversion kit at my local big-box hardware store. I was initially going to bite the bullet and replace my landlord’s showerhead with a fancy (and expensive) handheld showerhead system, but a closer look at all the options revealed that there were inexpensive handheld shower conversion kits that work with your existing shower fixture.

Any handheld showerhead will work well for bathing your pups, but some are simpler and more affordable than others. I chose the Snap ’N Spray detachable 6-foot sprayer and am very happy with it, but any handheld model will get the job done. For less than $20, the sprayer I chose has a 6-foot hose that snaps onto my existing showerhead whenever I need to bathe the dogs. When I’m done, the hose and sprayer can be removed and stored out of sight.

The key parts in the sprayer kit are a pipe coupler, plumber’s tape and the 6-foot sprayer hose.

To install this handheld shower, remove the showerhead by unscrewing it from the pipe sticking out of the shower wall. Wrap the screw threads with plumber’s tape to ensure a drip-free seal. Next, screw the connector piece onto the pipe and wrap the screw threads with plumber’s tape.

Screw the original showerhead onto the connector. When it’s time to use the sprayer hose, simply snap the shower hose onto the connector and turn on the water.

When the sprayer hose is attached, the water comes down the hose and out of the handheld sprayer, controlled by an easy on-off lever on the sprayer handle. When you unsnap the sprayer hose from the connector, the water comes out of the showerhead.

The first test of my new dog bathing station was a success. I placed my (somewhat reluctant) dog in the shower, and I think he and I were both relieved that this time I didn’t have to climb in with him.

When it’s time for me to move on to my next rental, all I need to do is unscrew the showerhead, remove the sprayer hose connector and screw the showerhead back on. Not only will my landlord’s shower be left in its original condition, but I will also be able to re-install the handheld sprayer in my next home. When it comes to a rental-friendly, temporary solution, it doesn’t get much easier than that!

A few additional dog bathing tips:

  • Store your bathing and grooming tools — shampoo, conditioner, ear cleaner, nail trimmers, brushes — in a caddy to make grooming time easier. When you’ve got a muddy, wet dog on your hands, you don’t want to be searching the apartment for pet shampoo.
  • To preserve your good bath towels, save a few old towels as “dog towels” for drying your pup after the bath.
  • Your dog’s skin may be extra dry and sensitive in the winter; choose soothing pet shampoos and conditioners, such as oatmeal or “itchy skin” formulas, and avoid ones with fragrances or perfumes.

There are many challenges for pet-owning apartment renters, from obtaining landlord permission in the first place to ensuring your pets don’t disturb the neighbors and keeping your apartment damage-free. This dog bathing solution means there’s one less worry for you, as a cleaner dog makes for a cleaner apartment!

P.S. Now that winter weather has really set in, don’t forget to brush up on winter pet safety with these Top 5 Winter Tips for Your Pets.

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Jane Pearson is the writer of The Borrowed Abode, a blog sharing DIY projects, rental decorating ideas and knowledge learned in over ten years of renting all types of homes. Her projects have been featured on Apartment Therapy, Brooklyn Limestone, and IHeart Organizing, and she has worked with rental-friendly brands such as 3M/Command. Jane is also the owner and designer behind Janery, a pet bed and home décor business inspired by her love of interior design and her dislike of ugly pet beds. She and her husband currently rent a home in Vienna, VA with their two dogs, cat, and their daughter. Visit The Borrowed Abode

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