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Part of the college experience is learning how to share a tiny space with another person, AKA a roommate. These cramped quarters can sometimes cause friction between people, but that’s okay! It’s normal for problems to arise; but instead of fighting or arguing, resolve your roommate issues quickly with these tips!

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Make boundaries and respect them. If you don’t want your roommate to wear your clothes, use your shampoo, etc. let him or her know as soon as possible! It’s super important to make the rules before you both get into the routine of college so your roommate is aware of what you are comfortable with, and vice versa. Many schools give you your roommate’s contact information months before the move-in date so you can get acquainted with one another! That would be a great time to ask how he or she feels about sharing items or touch on any other problems that could arise during the semester. Boundary awareness is a great tool – but only if both parties know what the boundaries are.

Communicate! As cheesy as it may sound, communication is always the best way to solve a problem! If you are having an issue with your roommate, let him or her know. Letting a problem continue on and on can cause tension to build up, which will only make the problem worse. When you go to address your roommate, make sure it’s face-to-face and not through a text. Keep a calm demeanor and make sure you let him or her know the exact issue and why you have a problem with it. Facing a situation head on and being proactive can not only dissolve the issue quickly, but help establish a good routine of being open and communicative with your roomie!

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Image Credit: Give Your Residents Tips to Host Their Own “Friendsgiving”

Stay positive! If you have tried to resolve a problem with your roommate and it’s just not working out, don’t give up hope! Having a positive attitude can keep you from making a bad decision like yelling at your roommate or retaliating in an inappropriate or immature way. If you tried to talk to your roommate about an issue and he or she isn’t willing to cooperate, the next step would be to involved your Resident Advisor or even a friend to act as a mediator between the two of you. Furthermore, if your roommate sees that you are not being petty about the issue, he or she might be more open to listening and resolving the problem at hand.

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Image Credit: How Property Managers Can Promote “Friendsgiving” Among Residents

Having a problem with your roommate can be hard, and many people would rather avoid confrontation at all costs than actually try to fix the issue! By making boundaries, communicating, and staying positive, hopefully you can resolve or avoid controversy with your roommates this semester!


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