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I saw this recipe on Goneraw.com, submitted by evergreen last October and I just knew I had to share it. For me, any ‘treat’ that’s healthy is a double bonus! Plus with a name like Boo nanners, who wouldn’t like it? Here’s the recipe that was submitted with a few supplemental ingredients.

Halloween Boo Nanners
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Servings:  2 per banana

peeled banana, cut in half
orange juice
dried shredded coconut
currants or raisins or chocolate sprinkles
popsicle sticks


1. Sprinkle banana with orange juice

2. Roll in coconut… you may find it a little easier and neater to use a zip top bag for this step if the kiddies are making these

3. Gently press in currant eyes or two chocolate sprinkles if you think they kiddies would like that more

4. Place on popsicle sticks, you can either put it in the freezer to keep them for later or have the healthy snack now!


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