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As unbelievably amazing as dorm life can be, many students will start to look for a place to live off campus by their junior or senior year. Living off campus is great for those who wish to become more independent and take the first step in their future careers. If you are unsure if you want to live on campus for another year or move into an apartment, consider the following.

Saving Money. Renting an apartment can be significantly cheaper than staying in a dorm room on-campus. Instead of paying a flat price for an entire semester or school year, you pay monthly only for the rent and utilities that you use. Additionally, living off campus means you won’t have to buy that pesky meal plan anymore; instead, you can purchase the amount of food you need each week and you won’t have any leftover swipes/points that will go to waste!

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Learning How To Budget. Renting an apartment is great for learning how to make a budget and pay bills on time, which are two things you can’t learn while living on campus in a dorm. Knowing how to create and stick to a budget will not only help you save money but is also an awesome skill to put on your resume. Paying bills on time builds up your credit score, which can help you in the future when you want to buy a new car or move to a new apartment.

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Local Community Involvement. Having an apartment off campus means that you have the opportunity to be immersed in the local community near your school. Instead of staying on-campus, you’ll feel more inclined to go to local restaurants, stores, and events, which is an easy way to learn more about the city’s culture as well as meet new people! Attending local events is also an important time to network and meet local business owners who may need an intern or employee in the future!

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If you think you are ready to rent an apartment off campus, then begin your search! The earlier you look at apartments, the more you will know about availability and prices in your area. If you are interested in having a roommate, ask friends and classmates if they know anyone who’s also looking to move. ForRentUniversity.com is a handy tool for students searching for apartments and is super easy to use!

Tuition and Rent aren’t the only things you should know… 

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