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Many property managers will want to know about your life in great detail. They will probably ask for your credit report, criminal background, previous rental history and current employment information. After all, your property manager is trying to run a business. And as with all businesses, the goal is to profit, and that only happens when the business takes in more money than it pays out. That being said, your rent money isn’t going directly into the property manager’s pocket. It is being applied to numerous accounts and fees like the apartment community’s mortgage, utility bills, salaries for leasing and maintenance people, and costs for things like insurance, real estate and income taxes, pest control, pool chemicals, supplies… the list goes on and on. In order to pay all of these expenses, property managers need to calculate how much income (aka rent) they need to bring in each month. That is why they must ask you about things about your credit score, job history and previous renting experiences: to ensure that you are a reliable tenant who will pay their rent on time and in full.

There are many hurdles to clear during your apartment search. But if you’ve just filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, will you ever be able to find an apartment?

The answer isn’t simple. Because even if you are able to pay the rent, the property manager can’t always take the risk without something secure backing you. If he/she is missing rent from a tenant it affects the whole apartment community. The whole system of paying maintenance workers, fees, and mortgages is completely thrown off. But it is not totally hopeless.


Filing for Chapter 13 will greatly affect your credit score and thus greatly affect you as a renter. Behind foreclosure, bankruptcies are the worst offense for your score. Depending on the factors as to why someone could not meet their financial responsibilities, there can be some flexibility. One of the best things you can do is be completely honest with your property manager about your situation. You can also put together a renter’s resume to market yourself as a model tenant despite the unfortunate position you are in. If your property manager still won’t budge, try finding a co-signer to vouch for you —someone with a steady income and good credit.

Then there are the criminal background checks. Why are they important to property managers? This is due largely in part to the liability that property manager’s face when renters do bad things and people sue the property manager and say “the property manager should have known that this person might do this because of their previous criminal background.”



Even after all that, your property manager can still deny your application. You do have rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act that require adverse actions reports for different situations. But that doesn’t help the fact that you’ve been denied. Try working with a smaller company or independent owner property manager who may be a little more flexible. Don’t be shy about sharing your need to find an apartment with your family, friends, and co-workers. You never know —one of them may have a friend or family member who is looking for someone to rent an efficiency or small starter home that has become a rental. Everyone goes through hard times and many people who you are close to will be understanding.

Hopefully, your apartment search will ultimately be successful and these difficulties will be short term. Be sure to do your research and consult with people you trust for advice. Filing for bankruptcy can definitely put a damper on apartment hunting, but it isn’t the end of the world!

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  1. Victoria Trupiano says:
    Hi I am a single parent I recently had to file a chapter 13 to build my credit from precious things that’s transpired in my life. My mom hasn’t been the most responsible so a lot of things on my credit was to help her an keep us afloat. I’ve always had great jobs and make money to pay bills. I been saving and just didn’t want to go broke paying debt. I really need to move within the next couple of weeks and need help doing so please help me find a home for my daughter and I.
    • Hi, Victoria. Thanks for reaching out to us via our blog. If you have not already done so, you may want to contact your local housing authority to see how they can help. Income is going to be the first threshold question and that will relate to the Area Median Income (AMI) for your area. AffordableHousingOnline.com is a good resource to consider. While we would love to do more, we are simply an advertising resource for apartment communities. We are sorry that we cannot offer direction or guidance as to finding specific properties when someone has bankruptcy issues. Unfortunately, you will likely not have much success with large apartment communities as they have very consistent standards regarding credit history and will usually not make exceptions to those. You may have a better chance of finding something through local postings from people who have garage or basement apartments to rent, or by networking with friends and families who may know people with a small apartment available.

  2. Cynthia L Blythe says:
    OK I am desperately looking for an apartment to rent. I am currently in bankruptcy and cannot find an apartment that will work with me. Can your service help me.
    • Hello Cynthia,

      Unfortunately, ForRent.com does not list apartments based on who works with bankruptcies and who does not. My suggestion would be to research the apartments that are in your local area and ask what their requirements are regarding bankruptcies.

    • Hi Cynthia, Did you ever find a place to rent? I’m in the same situation and can’t find a place either.  🙁
      • Hello Julie, I would love to assist you with finding a place to rent. Please let me know the city and state you are interested in moving to. For information specific to being accepted with a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, please refer directly to the managed property you are interested in for detailed information.

        • Cambria Martin says:


          I am in the same prediciment. I cannot find a place to rent and I am located in Kansas City, Mo. would you be able to assist me in finding a place to rent? Thank you so very much. 

          Best regards,



  3. I am currently in bankruptcy(chapter 13) my question is do I need to contact my lawyer if I decide to step out to try and get an apartment while my bankruptcy is active? And will it affect my current bankruptcy situation?
    • Hello, Jake. Legal advice isn’t one of our strong suits. However, I do have a few suggestions for you to consider. Bankruptcy is a legal situation so (to me) getting lawyer sounds like something that you may benefit from. Check into what a lawyer can do for you in your current situation before you open your checkbook. That way you can make a sound decision on if seeking council is needed. Also, Jake check out this site about Renting an Apartment After Bankruptcy. Best of luck!

  4. I’m in Alabama and in currently in chapter 13 and in very need of finding a home or apartment


    • Hello Shay, If you can give me the city in Alabama you are interested in moving to I can look up apartments that are available on our site. Unfortunately, we do not advertise which managed properties specifically accept tenants that have chapter 13. Hoping for a successful apartment search Shay!

  5. Hi Pam. I an currently in the Dallas area and in Chapter 13. I have not been able to find any apartments willing to deal with my situation. Are you able to guide me to any websites? Thankss
    • Hello Ashley, unfortunately, we do not categorize our apartments by which accept Chapter 13 and which do not. Here is an in-depth article that can assist you with renting an apartment after receiving chapter 13.

    • I had the same issue in Dallas. This apartment management company worked with me, but I had to pay a ‘high risk’ non refundable fee. They have a lot of apartments all over, however be warned the ones I saw are not the newest and if you ask me I’m paying too much for what it is. However, desperate times right. They all seem like older properties, but mine had been upgraded.

  6. Fyi..for anyone that is currently in a bankruptcy, there are not any apartment complexes that will rent to you in Nashville, TN. I have been diligently searching for a couple years now to no avail. I think its something that should be addressed. Financial hardship happens to the best of us, however, we still need to live. Even though, I’m in a Chapter 13, I still pay my rent, utilities, etc. on time still.  In addition to that some attorneys will provide a letter stating that they guarantee that landlord/property owners would not be added to our bankruptcy. Currently, a lot of property owners are pushing individuals out of the rentals homes in order to sell the property due to Nashville being in high demand. So again, what are we to do, live pillow to post to cars? 

    • Hi, Sheryl! You raise some valid points and bring up a topic that is beyond the scope of this blog because it raises issues that are societal in nature. That being said, let’s speak to the landlord perspective just a bit. Sometimes renters do not fully understand that owning/managing an apartment community is a business undertaking. The landlord has so many costs, ranging from the mortgage and the taxes on the community, to insuring it, to maintaining it, to paying the employees who run it…the list goes on and on. Thus a landlord counts on receiving the rent in order to pay the bills and evaluates potential renters from a fiscal perspective. When someone has filed for bankruptcy, there are usually two reasons why. The first is that the person has had financial challenges beyond the person’s control…the loss of a job or significant medical bills for example. While such should not reflect badly on the person, it is quite possible that the real life scenario for that person will not have changed and the ability to keep up with bills (including rent) may continue even after the bankruptcy is closed. The second reason for bankruptcy is financial irresponsibility (way too many shoes or dinners out for example). And it is a risk for a landlord to rent to someone who has chosen not to handle their financial affairs wisely. Now you might wonder why a landlord would not look further into the circumstances of both types of situation and make a more specific decision based on those circumstances. Unfortunately, when landlords are not consistent with their policies and procedures, they run the risk of a fair housing complaint (which can be costly) for having treated one person better than another. It is all so complicated, and good people like you (keeping current on your bills during your bankruptcy) face these housing challenges. Perhaps someone who is offering a single family home or condo for rent would be more willing to work with you…you might want to give that a try.

  7. Walter Hall says:
    My family (wife and two small boys 4 and 2) are being relocated with my company to nashville tn. I am currently in a chapter 13 and it’s hard finding anyone that will work with us. Is there anyone here that can help us find a place to rent? I am faced with having to be at work in nashville Monday the second week of march?

    Please help..

    Walter Hall

    • Hello, Walter. We here at ForRent.com do not actually provide housing or participate in programs that address income challenges in finding rental housing (we are instead a resource for the consumer to review available housing that has been placed for advertisement with us). That being said, we would like to suggest that you look into the organizations (particularly in the non-profit sector) in your area that offers guidance in these matters. In the meantime, while you are doing the legwork in figuring out the programs that can assist you) we do have a few articles that may be able to guide you in the right direction.
      1. Looking for Apartments that Accept Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
      2. Apartment Searching After Declaring Bankruptcy
      3. How Much Rent Can I Afford?
      Hopefully your apartment search will ultimately be successful and these hurdles will be behind you.  Then you can deal with all that fun packing!

  8. I live in Indianapolis and am looking for an apartment or townhouse that accepts Chapter 13.  I only have a couple of months left; however, I am needing to move ASAP

    • Marcia, ForRent.com does not specifically advertise apartments that accept Chapter 13. You will need to contact your local agencies/ non-profit organizations that can help you further. All the best.

  9. Hi Pam,

    I just recently filed Chapter 13 and been looking for somewhere to move here in Augusta, Ga , but I get alot of where don’t except bankruptcy.  Would you help me out please ?  Income is not a problem.

    Thanks in advance.

  10. Looking for an apartment in Pittsburgh after applying for bankruptcy. Any and all help welcome, thanks!
  11. Hi Pam my name is Toni Vaughn and I am in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy also.  Why does it have to be something negative to file bankruptcy when it really is a Debt Consolidation. Making one payment for everything is the BEST THING since slice bread. But of course anything, is not good for you. Anywho I live in Good Ole Texas, Dallas that is.  Is there a list you might can get together for me for the Dallas Metroplex. It will be greatly appreciated.
  12. Mady Andrews says:
    I am also currently in a chapter 13 and finding it hard to get apartment/house to rent. I have stable employment I have been on my job for 19 years,  I am in St Louis MO any help would be appreciated.
    • Thank you for your inquiry. Here are rental apartments in the area you are interested in. Please take the time to filter in how many bedrooms, bathrooms and any other amenities you may be interested in. All the best in your apartment search.

  13. Hello Maggie,

    I live in Richmond VA and I’m looking for a 3bdrm Apt or House. The issue is my Credit Score is low. I work I’ve been on my job 2 years and I have 4 children whom I take alone. It’s hard finding a place that do not do credit checks. Do you have any suggestions or ideas for me?


  14. Torrean Tyus says:
    Hi, I’m in a chapter 13 and I can’t find complex that will work with in Roseville CA. We are in desperate need of a home. Any advice would help.
  15. Angela Street says:
    My name is Angela Street. I filed Chapter 13 because of my ex husband. He messed up my credit and im trying to rebuild it. I have two jobs trying to find a place of my own, but its hard. Im basically living in my car. Im in High Point NC. Can you please offer some advice?

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