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How to Maximize Your Apartment Space

Living in a small space doesn’t necessarily mean you need to think small. There are many ways that you can make your apartment modern over messy and cozy rather than cramped.


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By far, the easiest way to alleviate space woes is to decrease the clutter. Start with tossing (or donating) all the junk you’ll never use and then neatly pack away those seasonal or rarely used items. [1]

Decorations: Plastic storage bins come in several sizes to hold all your decorations and can be color-coded by season.
Clothing: You don’t need your parka in the summer, nor do you need all your shorts and flip flops in the winter.

No matter how you stack them, they will be easy to identify. [2] One tote can store them in the off season; just swap them out when the weather turns. [3]

Stack in Style:
To get the most out of your small space, look up. Utilizing the space from floor to ceiling will alleviate the cramped feeling from wall to wall. [4]

Hold it high:

Don’t want to use ALL your wall space? There’s room at the top – of your walls, that is. Installing shelving high on the walls gives you a lot more places for storage. [5]
Over-the-sink shelves give you extra kitchen counter space, [7] while over-the-toilet shelving gives you room for all your towels.[8]
Instead of a headboard, use shelving. It eliminates the need for nightstands while giving you more room for books, lamps, and all those nighttime needs. [6]
Leave the rest of the walls open for art. [5]
Don’t think you have storage space? Look under your bed.

Raise your bed:
There are several products available that can raise it a bit [4] and several bins built just for under-bed storage. [10]

Yes, small apartments are notorious for their lack of closet space, but the spaces may be more functional by adding cubbies, shelves, and stackable drawers. [9]

Multi- and Re-Purpose:
Try a new way of looking at old pieces. How can they pull double duty or be used as something else entirely?

Need a little more counter space or a work surface for a project? Try a wheeled kitchen cart – it can fill in for both! [11, 13]
Consider tables that fold into cupboards [13] or beds that fold down from the wall. [12]
Furniture with smaller (or fewer) legs gives you more leg room. [9]
Coffee and end tables need not waste space. There are many designs with built-in shelving underneath. [14]

Of course, there are always sofa-beds and futons, but consider the storage opportunities in ottomans – which also double as extra seating for guests. [13]
Some great pieces can be re-purposed as artsy furniture with storage, such as a steamer-trunk-turned- coffee-table [15] or a ladder-turned- bookshelf. [16]

With a little imagination, you will find that you can create a lot more space without having to let go of fashion or function.

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  1. Almeria at Ocotillo says:
    Stack in style is a great idea. If you can’t go out, go up. This will really help with all the clutter.

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