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Working from home is simultaneously the best and worst thing in the world. There is no boss yelling at you to actually get your work done, and also there is no boss yelling at you to actually get your work done. Some days rearranging your silverware drawer is a more important task than your actual work, you know? If you need help dealing with the distractions of working from home, we got you covered.

Follow these steps to actually get work done in your apartment like a real adult.


Even if there is no one else home to deal with your stank, you don’t have to devolve into a garbage person. Take a 4 minute shower, and act like a human.

Put on real pants

Trust me, I know yoga pants are the world’s greatest invention, but you will feel more like a productive human being if you change out of pajamas into “real people” clothes before beginning your work.

Put down the phone

We’ve all done it. You think you will just check Instagram real quick, and suddenly you have been watching sea otter videos on YouTube for three hours. Turn social media off during work hours.

Eat real meals

As easy as it is to get distracted and forget to work for hours at a time, it is just as easy to get so deep into your work that you forget to eat. Don’t rely on coffee and handfuls of last night’s stale popcorn to keep you fueled through the day. Build in time off for real meals during your at-home work day.

Human interaction is good

When you work where you live, you can fall into the habit of staying home always. Don’t do this. Get out of your apartment, talk to real humans face-to-face, experience the outdoors. Don’t be a hermit.

Get off the couch

Does your complex have a gym or pool? Give yourself one deadline to hit, and when you meet it, treat yourself to an hour of activity or relaxation.

Occasionally leave the house

Sometimes your brain needs the boost that can come from a change in environment. Now’s the time to try out that new coffee shop in town. Pack up your laptop and take your job on the road!

Get a new job

So, maybe you can’t totally quit your current job, but you can definitely take on a side hustle. Sign up for Uber, Lyft, Postmates or some other share economy gig that will get you out of the house, but also bring in some extra income.

Make your friends help

Do you have a handful of other work-from-home friends? Think about pooling your resources to rent a communal workspace. Not only will it get you out of the house, you can all keep each other accountable for actually getting your work done.


When all else fails, there’s always day drinking. Full-on binge drinking probably won’t help your productivity, but sipping a good whiskey in the afternoon won’t hurt.

Hopefully these simple tricks will help you focus and be more productive working from home. Now stop reading internet listicles and get back to work!

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