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If you are lucky, you have an apartment with free laundry facilities or a doting mother who comes over and does your loads for you. If you are like the majority of renters however, you have to go to a laundromat or have coin operated machines at your building. Here are some money saving tips for laundry day:

  • Don’t do a load unless you can run a full one.
  • Take advantage of free dry days or laundry specials at area laundromats. It can pay to do a little research on this and find the best deals.
  • Skip drying on items you can bring home and let air dry over a radiator or on a hanger. If you have an outdoor space, hang a line and dry items there in nice weather.
  • Use less stuff. Using less detergent and half a dryer sheet will add up and clothes still will be clean and smell fresh.
  • Only buy supplies on sale and use coupons too. This really adds up if you keep your eyes out.
  • Make sure lint traps are clean so that the dryer is running at its most efficient.
  • Hand wash dry clean items using a gentle detergent.
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