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When looking for an apartment to rent, it’s not uncommon to have to settle for a less-than-ideal floor plan because of budget, location, availability, or other amenities. But even if you find yourself moving into a smaller unit than you’d prefer, there are things you can do to the make the layout work better for your needs. With some creative thinking, clever space planning, and functional furniture, you can setup a multi-purpose space in order to create the room you didn’t think you had!

Identify What You Need

Before you start setting up a multi-purpose space, you must first identify exactly what you need. Beyond knowing that you want/need a home office, playroom, craft/work space, home gym, nursery, etc, try to hone in on the exact items necessary to make it useful and functional. Create a list of your “Must Have” items as well as your “Nice to Have” items, and then start to estimate how much space those things might take up. Consider if items require dedicated floor space (such as a treadmill or desk) or can be mounted on the wall or placed in vertical storage. You don’t need to have an exact layout and shopping list nailed down; but it’s only by honing in on the precise items you need, that you can move forward in making a multi-purpose space a reality.

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Find the Space

With an idea in mind for how much space you need, start to look around your rental for potential locations. It may not seem like it at first glance, but with some creativity and outside-the-
box thinking, you can likely find a spot to spare. While it’s common to utilize open corners in a master bedroom or guest room to create a home gym or office, don’t overlook other spaces such as bump outs and nooks, empty (or hardly used) closets, entryways, laundry rooms, utility rooms and porches or patios. If you’re stuck, here are some solutions to consider:

Bump outs and nooks can be used to create a small home office, mudroom, or reading nook.

Spacious closets can be turned into a home office, study space, craft space, or even a modest nursery.

If your laundry room has extra space, it can be turned into a work/craft room or even a pantry for staple storage.

Entryways can double as functional and decorative spaces when outfitted with smart storage.

And don’t overlook extra large rooms. Large bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, or garages can often be split to create the several functions you’re desiring.

No pantry in your rental? Try converting a laundry room to satisfy your storage needs.

Set the Spaces Apart

When you are trying to create two spaces in a single room, it is often helpful (although not required) to create specific sides or zones. Not only does it help to have the items needed for the different purposes grouped together, but it also helps the overall space make better sense visually. To separate a large, open room into zones, consider using furniture such as bookcases, screens, console tables, or sectional couches. You can also use area rugs to designate different functional spaces, or even paint a feature wall or add accent lighting to set one space off from another.

Make Every Inch Count

In the end, you are trying to get a single space to accommodate two (or more!) purposes. Even with the best planning, there is still the possibility it will feel tight and awkward. So that you can truly create two fully functional spaces in one, take care to make each and every item you bring into the room count. Pick furniture that performs double duty such as storage ottomans, consoles, cabinets, cube shelving, rolling islands, etc. Use decorative storage solutions to keep everything you might need tidy and accessible, but also stylish and coordinated. And finally, use the walls, closets, and under-sides of couches, beds, cabinets, and tables to tuck away random or oversized items.

When you’re faced with a great apartment but not quite enough space for your needs, consider creating a multi-purpose room. Although it may be hard to visualize where you can squeeze in an additional space, quite often a large room can be split, nooks can be better utilized, or closets can be converted. By employing some solid planning, creativity, and functional furniture, you will be well on your way to creating a rental space that works even better for you!

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