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Are you trying to make sure you can store all your kitchen supplies without losing any of your apartment kitchen’s style? You might need to take advantage of some kitchen storage hacks. With these great hacks, you can store anything and everything you need, from cutlery to flour to dishes, and still keep your kitchen uncluttered and beautiful. Here are the seven best ways to transform your kitchen from just a place where you make meals to an incredibly beautiful part of your apartment:

Pretty Up Your Cabinets

Even though you probably don’t pay much attention to them, cabinets are actually an important part of your kitchen, and they shouldn’t just be left as an afterthought. Try a couple ways to make your cabinets a statement piece —replace the knobs on the outside of your cabinets, or even replace the entire cabinet doors, if you’re really trying to change things up. There are all kinds of ways to decorate your kitchen just by changing a few things up, and you should keep cabinets in the forefront of that.

Match Items To Cabinets Effectively

Cabinets have different shapes and sizes for a reason, and making sure you match items to cabinets is an essential part of making sure your kitchen holds everything it needs to hold. You might need to adjust some shelves, add some organizers, and do a little bit of careful puzzle-solving, but you’ll find that your cabinets hold a lot more when you put active thought into it. Just making sure you’re using the cabinets to their full extent will help your kitchen substantially.

Add S Hooks

S hooks are an incredibly affordable and useful trick that can be used to make the most of a small space. Just add some extra towel rods on the sides of cabinets or directly on walls, place some S hooks on top, and you can hang pots and pans, dishwashing towels, and much more on them. Some places even sell S hook/rail combinations that come with everything you need for extremely cheap. It’s a great way to make the most of storage options in a tiny place.

Utilize Every Area

When it comes to the kitchen, there are plenty of areas that often get disregarded as far as storage. Mount shelving on the back of doors, the inside of cabinets, and above the sink, so you can add a little bit of storage to every open space. With a little bit of thought as far as presentation goes, you can even make sure it doesn’t look cluttered, despite the massive amounts of storage space you’re using. Keep things organized for a simple, effective way to save space and maintain your design.

Invest In A Magnetic Knife Strip

Rather than putting your knives into a drawer or a knife block, consider adding a magnetic strip to your wall, where you can just place the knives once you’re done with them. They’re extremely convenient, and they can empty out one of your drawers, so you can use it for something else! They’re a great kitchen hack that’s not only space-saving, but also incredibly cool-looking and useful.

Make Kitchen Cubbies

If you keep an eye out at thrift stores and garage sales, you can often find cabinets and baskets that work great as extra storage in the kitchen. Sometimes, you can find tall shelving to place snugly in the corner or baskets that can hold all types of kitchenware on the taller shelves. Keep an eye out at your favorite flea market —you never know when you’ll find something you can turn into your own!

Keep Your Drawers Organized

It’s not enough just to have drawer space available — it’s important to make sure that the drawers’ contents are organized effectively. In fact, if you keep things organized, you’ll be able to store even more things, which can be great if you’re still cramped for space after using all the above tips. Even better, you can make your own kitchen organizers quickly, simply, and on a budget, making drawer organizers one of the easiest ways to increase storage space.

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