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The backs of cabinet doors offer oft-untapped space. Home improvement stores sell an array of wire shelving and wooden caddies that can be screwed to the insides of doors to hold everything from spices to sponges. You can also line cabinets with cork, magnet, chalk, or dry-erase boards to tack up recipes, jot grocery lists, and record messages. If you have a pantry, hang an over-the-door pocket shoe organizer to arrange cleaning supplies or kitchen utensils. (The same can be done in your closet to stock hair dryers, makeup, curling and flat irons, jewelry, underwear, or scarves.)

Maximize what storage you do have by rethinking the typical cabinet arrangement. Rather than stack pots on a shelf and stash goods on the counter, install a backsplash railing system with accessories, such as a paper-towel holder and a cookbook rack, and S-hooks for utensils and small pots and pans. And instead of dedicating an entire drawer to flatware, try storing utensils vertically in dividers along a deep drawer front. Lastly, allow yourself one junk drawer to collect odds and ends—otherwise, they’ll end up hoarding valuable counter space. Be sure to employ an organizer tray to keep things neat, and sort through it every six months.

When stored horizontally, silverware takes up an entire drawer;
try storing cutlery vertically to save space.
A backsplash rail in the kitchen buys valuable counter real estate.
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