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Before moving into a new apartment, there’s a few things that you’re going to want to check out before you sign that lease. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, we forget to ask about some of the most important things —appliances and amenities. It’s very easy to fall in love with a rental’s view, crown molding or granite countertops while totally overlooking the fact that there is no washer/dryer in the unit or even washer/dryer hookups. Many apartments will provide the major kitchen appliances like a stove and fridge, but will skip on the microwave. Do you know the conditions of the appliances provided? You may also be asking —What other amenities does the complex or house provide? You want to choose a place that hits all of your wants and needs, without breaking the bank. Make sure to account for what is in the unit, what the property provides and get some of these basic questions answered about the appliances:

  • How old are the appliances provided in the apartment?
  • How well do these appliances work? Is there any damage?
  • When there is damage, will the landlord replace them when they are broken?
  • Are appliances under a warranty?


If there are appliances that are not provided, you could really be in for a big surprise. Even the smaller ones are beyond expensive and the cost to run them could really give you a headache. If you’re looking at a single family home rather than a managed community, there could really be a difference in what’s provided. You are probably better off going with an apartment or house with utility over looks — especially if this is your first place. Follow these tips to help you be more energy efficient with your appliances, whether you decide to buy your own or go with an apartment that provides everything you need.

Once you’ve got your appliances all sorted out, you’re going to want to check on what other amenities are included. Many apartment complexes offer additional amenities and services like gyms, meeting rooms, and parking garages. Is there a parking garage? Or a place to hang your bike? How secure are these areas? This is especially important in a private owner situation, because there won’t be people on staff like in a complex. These are all things that you’re going to want to know before you officially decide where you want to live.

With the ability to do advanced searches online to find exactly the amenities you’re looking for, you’ll be able to answer a lot of these questions before you even speak to your potential property manager. As you search, keep a list of questions that arise when you’re looking at a specific place so you can ask your landlord in the future. It’s really easy to forget these when talking on the phone or meeting face to face for the first time.

Be bold and make sure you get all of information you need. Check out this list of some of the most sought after amenities to get some ideas as you search. Happy hunting!

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  2. Greetings, this is Machado, I work in Brockton MA, I’m looking for somewhere to live around here like Bridgewater, Whitman, etc.

    I live alone, so I need one bedroom, a nice shower and off-road parking.

    I don’t pay more than $900,00.



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