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As I am sure you are aware, ForRent.com and Homes.com just finished running a joint photo contest called “The Coolest Space in Your Place”. Over 250 photos were submitted and from 250, we narrowed the entries down to just five. This week we will be sharing the top 5 entrants’ blog posts about the rooms they submitted. Today we are proud to introduce Jaime Klebig’s entry, My Makeshift Mantlepiece! A truly innovative DIY, please enjoy her post describing how she managed to pull it off!

Cabinet to Mantle!

Hi bloggin friends!  I hope you are having a WONDERFUL week!  I am!  I and I am so so so looking forward to this weekend!  I am headed back to Michigan to spend some time with my best-est friend Becks (and her wonderful husband Nick).  So this will be the last you will hear from me until Monday…..
Butttt on the bright side, I am SUPER excited to show you my finally finished living room and my up-cycled cabinet turned mantle or fake mantle or FANTLE?!?!!!
{Here we are, as of today…but let me show you how we got there!}
{Hubs picked our house out all on his own, I had never seen the place because I was living in Michigan and couldn’t get away to come and tour it.  Soo my tour was via pictures–here is what the living room looked like before we moved in.}
***I knew from the moment I saw the mantle-less fireplace, that would have to change!  But this house is a rental so I knew my mantle would have to be inexpensive and not permanent.***
***Enter creativity***
{My mother-in-law once again saved the day!  She had this red beauty outside and was thinking of getting rid of it in the near future….buttt when I saw it I just knew it was my mantle and she graciously donated it to the crazy list of amazing furniture she gave me}
***At this point, as tacky as it is in this picture, we were playing with the size and the height of my cabinet-fantle, we had already removed the doors (the are both sides of the cabinet)***
{Every time I move into a place even if it is just a rental, I feel compelled to make it HOME and paint ALWAYS helps so so much…so goodbye dark blue walls hello light grey/with cool light blue tones–ahh starting to feel better already!!!}
{Next hubs and I removed the shelves and middle divider of the cabinet—looking like a mantle already right?!?  Then we dismantled the mantle (GET IT DIS-MANTLED hahahha).
We also chopped each of the “outer parts” of the cabinet in half so it would fit closer to the wall.  And then re-mantled the mantle and nailed it all back together (too much with the mantle jokes?!?).
{At this point we brought the fake-mantle back inside to check it out—see how it would fit and wow am I glad we did!  Do you notice that the fake-mantle is sitting higher than the fireplace?}
***Do you kind of like the red at this stage?  I did…I debated painting it at all….but it just looked unfinished…..ahhh the debating that goes along with up-cycling!!!***
{Soo we made a little list of areas the mantle needed boards added to look more “finished”.  Know what the cool thing was?!?  We didn’t have to buy a single board or nail for this project we literally re-used everything that was already part of the cabinet!  Sweet right?!?  Because like I said for a rental renovation it MUST be inexpensive!!!}
***Ohh and did you notice we kind of stripped the mantle of the red?  We left some red because I really wanted to be able to sand away some of the white paint I used and still get some peeks of red and boy I am glad we did—the little red makes me happy!***
{And then I added vinyl- because well I love quotes.  And I thought this quote was a good one because I can seasonally change out the “word” on the mantle —and I love that!  (did you notice my summer word below the seashells that is there for right now?)}
{I painted all of the cabinet white except for the top which I painfully sanded down and then stained—-I wanted it to kind of look like my dining room table}
{I decided to keep both of the doors from the cabinet and use them on both sides of the mantle because it just gives you a little larger and unique space to decorate!}
{What do you think?  I was going for a kind of beach-y cottage-y feel—-how did I do?}
***Know what else is cool?!?  Everything I used for my beach cottage living room was either made by me OR found for not-a-lot at a garage sale!!!***
{Did I mention that I painted everything white and then distressed a TON with my little hand sander that I LOVE so very much!?!?}
What do you think?  Not bad for a fake mantle right?!?!?  Want to come hang out?

I am going to go hang out at some of these parties—come and visit them and be inspired!!!
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  1. This turned out great!
  2. Apartments says:
    It seemed a bit painstaking, but truly well worth it. Personally, I like it as I prefer the texture that you were going for, and I think that it could be adjustable enough in execution to seem more “modern-looking”.

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