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    Decking Your Apartment for the Holidays

    It is officially December and finally, time to celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Yuletide, Festivus—oh yeah, that’s just a made-up holiday from Seinfeld. Oh well, the point is that this time of year all sorts of holidays get celebrated all over the country. Whatever holiday you choose to participate in, there is always a way to decorate […]

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    Baby Girl’s Nursery DIY

    On this wonderful last day of the week we fondly call Friday, I wanted to introduce to you the winner of the Coolest Space in Your Place photo contest: Beckie Farrant! Her entry of Baby Girl’s Nursery received the most votes and was awarded the grand prize of $2500! To celebrate, here is the post […]

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    Pretty Pantry DIY

    This week we are celebrating the top five entries in our photo contest by sharing a post from their own blog sites. Today we have Shelley Smith talking about how she redid her pantry to make it into the Pretty Pantry that we all now know and love.

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    Bedroom Design DIY

    Today we continue the week of celebrating the top five entries into the Coolest Space in Your Place photo contest! On this fine Tuesday, Stacy Risenmay shares with us how she turned her bedroom into a romantic and elegant retreat.

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    Makeshift Mantlepiece DIY

    Jaime Klebig’s: My Makeshift Mantlepiece! A truly innovative DIY, please enjoy her post describing how she managed to pull it off!

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    Benefits of Budgeting

    Money is always a relevant topic for discussion whether it is your own personal salary or something on a grander scale. The real topic people seem to be buzzing about these days is how to enjoy a lifestyle that is supported by your budget. For example: Going out to eat. People LOVE to go out […]

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    Apartment Socialization

    While there is no rule written anywhere that dictates that you absolutely MUST know your neighbors, it is often helpful to have a nodding acquaintance with many people in your apartment building, and better still to be on good terms with even one or two neighbors. They come in handy when you need someone to […]

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    Laundry Room Drama

    For college students living in dorms and people who live in apartment complexes with a communal laundry room, the nightmares of sharing laundry facilities are well known. The hardest part is getting everybody who uses the facility to share and be courteous of others. Most people know what to do, but here is a list […]

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    What To Do With Windows?

    Windows can be tricky to decorate sometimes. You have to ask yourself a lot of questions like, “Do I want sunlight to come in or not? Or maybe just occasionally?” There are a few options for window treatments…   A. Curtains: Curtains are good when you have insulation issues. Nice, heavy curtains can keep the […]

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    Bummed Bathroom

    When I had a dorm, my bathroom had zero storage in it. I had two towel bars and that is it. There was plenty of storage space in a cabinet under the sink…outside of the bathroom. What happens if you need an emergency new roll of TP? Or the plunger? How awkward is it when […]

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    How much should I spend on rent? Don't worry, we've got you covered! This rental calculator will help you determine how much rent you can afford based on your annual income.

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