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Although most of us are gearing up for the summer, many of us are still experiencing seasonal allergies as well. Although the fresh cut grass and blooming flowers might smell wonderful, they also bring on various hay fever symptoms such as runny nose and itchy, watery eyes. Control your seasonal allergies with these tips:



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  • Keep windows closed. Even if there is no breeze, pollen and other irritants can travel through open spaces. If there is a fan on in the room with the open window, the fan can pull in even more allergy causing particles.


  • Use a Neti pot. If you have never heard of a Neti pot before, it is an amazing tool to combat stuffy noses and allergies. A Neti pot looks like a little teapot, and you mix a prepared salt solution with warm water inside. You then lean over a sink and let the Neti pot rinse out your sinuses. Available at supermarkets and drugstores, a neti pot comes with detailed instructions so there is no room for error.


  • Take herbs. The natural herbs butterbur and goldenseal have been known to reduce mild allergies. Health food and natural medicine stores will also carry natural products that can help combat allergies.


  • Buy hypoallergenic. If your allergies are severe enough, buying hypoallergenic pillows and comforters may bring some relief of symptoms.


  • Invest in medicine. There is a variety of over the counter medication available in the supermarkets. Choose a non-drowsy formula for symptom control and to eliminate drowsiness brought on by some medications.



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Use these simple tips to control the tail-end of your springtime allergies. There are also doctors specializing in allergies that can help you control your allergy symptoms if they interfere with your life.


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