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From runny noses to coughing and sneezing, many students are at risk of getting sick during the winter season. Missing out on classes, projects, or other assignments that are important can affect grades and participation. Protect yourself from the flu this semester with these tips and tricks.

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Get enough sleep. College students are known to stay up until the early hours of the morning trying to get assignments completed! But not getting enough sleep at night can affect how well your immune system fights off an illness. Instead of staying up all night, try out these organization tips so you can complete your work during the day and get your 7-9 hours of sleep each night!

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Exercise. Lifting weights at the gym, taking a run around campus, or even trying out a yoga class with friends can help keep your body from getting sick! Exercise relieves stress, which is known to put your immune system at risk for infection. So take an extra 20-30 minutes each day to sweat out your stress and any potential sickness!

Drink plenty of water. Make sure you are hydrating every day by drinking water and eating water-based foods. Besides supporting your immune system, hydration is also great for clarity and focus. Carrying around a reusable water bottle is a great way to keep hydrated and, since the bottle is reusable, it saves plastic!

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Vitamin C. Everyone knows that vitamin C can help protect the body from getting sick! Whether you’re drinking a glass of orange juice every day or taking a supplement, make sure that you are getting the required amount every day, especially if people around you are starting to get sick. Products like Emergen-C are great for getting a boost of vitamins when you start to feel bad!

While these tips and tricks are great, sometimes the inevitable happens and you still get sick. Make sure you go see a doctor and get on a medication or antibiotics so that you can start to feel better faster. Going to class and getting your assignments done is a big part of college, so don’t let the flu stop you this semester!

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