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Brunch is a kind of mythical beast. Some of us eat brunch when we realize we’ve woken up too late for a real breakfast, but we’re still going to get hungry before lunch. Some of us want an early lunch, but want to dress it up as a breakfast. Some just really like the hybrid food that shows up on brunch menus. No matter who you are or what you enjoy, brunch is a fun part of the day that not enough people take the time to enjoy.

So if you live in one of these cities, take a break from your day and go enjoy the best brunch the United States has to offer.


People are constantly gushing about how great Pittsburgh is for tourism, and that loveliness definitely extends to people who live there, whether it’s permanent or a temporary college stay. But something people don’t plug enough is the fact that Pittsburgh also has an extensive list of places that are incredible for brunch. Pamela’s Diner is a great place to go if you’re looking for a feeling of community and a taste of the local favorites, while Spinach serves up delicious vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options that will appeal even to hardcore meat-lovers. The Porch at Schenley, a popular place for college students, serves up savory and sweet in the same menu, so you can find your perfect brunch.

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A great thing about Phoenix is how diverse the suburbs are. Scottsdale gives you a high-class, fancy meal, while downtown Phoenix is on the cutting edge of food trends, and Glendale will let you find local restaurants at amazing prices. Happily enough, that diversity extends to brunch, too! If you’re craving that high-class appeal, come on over to Scottsdale’s SumoMaya for Mexican-Asian fusion and bottomless drinks that can’t be beaten. Into beer and down-home cooking? Look no further than O.H.S.O. And, of course, many people swear by a brunch Bloody Mary, and Phoenix’s legendary Hash Kitchen serves up the best Bloody Mary in the valley.

Twitter: @SumoMaya, @ohsobrewery, @HashKitchen

New York City

It can feel like the world is constantly pushing you forward if you live in New York, and if the rush of the world gets too fast for you, a leisurely brunch is a great way to calm it down. NYC has hundreds of brunch joints, so you’re sure to find a brunch that’s just your type, whatever that type may be. Greenwich Village, known for being upper-class and expensive, provides Jane, a surprisingly affordable place where you can feel rich without actually needing the money. If you want to up that experience and really feel like a snobby diamond seller, the Hudson River Champagne Brunch Sail lets you eat brunch on a vintage 1920s sailboat. And of course, if you really just need a unique hangover cure, Speedy Romeo serves up breakfast pizzas of all shapes and sizes.

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While there are certainly a number of incredible brunch cities all over the nation, perhaps no one is as intense about it as Charlotte, which recently passed a “Brunch Bill,” allowing restaurants to serve alcohol as early as 10 am on Sundays. That bill has changed the way Charlotte does brunch, and it’s definitely for the better. If you’re a beer person, take advantage of the Brunch Bill with a trip to Legion Brewing; this brewery switches up its menu every season, giving you a different experience every time. If you want a fancier experience, try 5Church, with such unimaginably fancy brunch dishes as a buttermilk biscuit topped with wild mushrooms, asparagus, and truffle cream, then finished with a sunny side up egg.

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You’ve heard that “everything’s bigger in Texas,” and brunch is certainly one of those things. If you’ve landed in Austin for brunch, there are plenty of places for you to stop by, enough to keep you interested for weeks on end. Start off fancy with Vox Table, which reimagines breakfast staples, serving up things like pork hash poutine and olive oil pancakes with walnuts and fig butter. Kick back a little with another spin on a classic; Fixe gives you Southern comfort food with an upscale twist, serving things like grits with Texas shrimp and corn. If you’re really looking to kick back, try the Yellow Jacket Social Club, which feels like a day at the park, with its completely-outdoors seating area full of picnic tables.

Twitter: @voxtable, @FixeSouthern, (Yellow Jacket Social Club is n/a)


If there’s one great thing about brunch in Dallas, it’s that the southwestern flair imbuing all of Dallas leaks into its amazing brunch spots, enhancing every one of them. Really feel the classic southwestern rebellion at The Eberhard, which serves up dishes like the French Quarter Chicken & Waffles and the more traditional Buttermilk Biscuits & Sausage. If you want a bit of class, try CBD Provisions, which has a seating room designed by an NYC-based interior designer and dishes like the Sweet Corn Johnny Cakes, which infuse pancakes with a Dallas kick. When you’re having a wistful day where you feel like your life would be better as an incomprehensible French art film, the Mercat Bistro has you covered, with French dishes like Quiche Lorraine to soothe your internal pretentious art student.

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Los Angeles

It makes sense that a city so frequently on the cusp of all things popular would have an extensive list of incredible brunch spots. Brunch places in Los Angeles pop up constantly, but there are definitely some that are in the front row. Papilles, a locally-loved restaurant that’s been unfortunately neglected by the mainstream, has a Michelin-starred chef that’s introduced a rustic French-style brunch for anyone with a refined palette. Even though Los Angeles is a city slicker town, it’s hard to resist Southern-style cooking, which is why those craving some fried chicken and waffles should head to Partido for a taste of the South. And of course, fitting in with that Los Angeles healthy kick, Botanica Restaurant & Market provides vegetarian options in an eclectic menu.

Twitter: @PapillesLA, (Partido is n/a), @BotanicaFoods


Food is an incredibly important portion of Chicago‘s culture, which means it shows in everything they do — and that includes brunch. If you’re looking to brunch big, Chicago is the ultimate place to really go all-in on the not-quite-breakfast, not-quite-lunch meal of the day. Chicagoans love their pizza, so try Bar Cargo, a pizzeria bar that has a full selection of savory brunch foods. If you’re looking for a hole in the wall that will serve you when you should be asleep, but you’re not, Nighthawk: AM serves comfort foods like French toast sticks coated in frosted flakes.

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As the nation’s hipster central, Portland‘s obsession with local restaurants and unique cuisine has made it one of the best places for brunch. Brunch options are as varied as Portland’s residents; if you want a solid brunch, drop by Fireside NW for a meal that’s a delicious recreation of all the traditional brunch foods. If you’re trying for a unique experience, Tusk serves up vegetarian Mediterranean cuisine, which revolves around seasonal fruits and vegetables, giving you a little something different every time.

Twitter: @TuskPdx


There’s a reason Miami is popular with everyone, from parents with teenage children to retirees to college kids, and that reason is a unique culture that has also spawned some of the best brunch in the United States. Stuff yourself silly with Edge Steak & Bar, a brunch buffet that has something for even the pickiest of eaters. Impress your friends and family with Juvia, a rooftop restaurant that overlooks the ocean, serving up a gorgeous view with your food. Top it all off with something for your inner kid — Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink, where you can find “adult pop tarts” for all your needs.

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